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Lack of sleep is a problem that affects many people in our hectic times. A cup of tea before bed can help calm you down at night. Read here which mixtures are suitable and what else you should pay attention to for a good night’s sleep.

Softening effect: sleeping tea.

The mental carousel is spinning, you just can’t fall asleep. Or you wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep. Sounds familiar? Then you are not alone! Insomnia has become a true generalized disease. Daily stress, sensory overload, worries and stressful situations leave their mark. Pills are often taken, but there are good natural alternatives. Sleep tea and small behavioral changes can often help usher in the regeneration and restful sleep that is so important. Supporting your sleep with tea is gentle support for the body. Unlike drugs, the side effects of sleeping tea are limited, depending on the variety.

There are these types of sleep tea and nervous tea.

Pure herbal tea from the supermarket is a food product and as such is generally harmless and does not require labeling in terms of side effects and dosage. The situation is different with medicinal teas: as with medicines, certain mandatory information must appear on the packaging regarding use, preparation, dosage, contraindications, interactions and side effects, precautionary measures, duration of use and principles exact assets. For example, a warning is printed if tea should be drunk to sleep during pregnancy and there is no evidence of safety yet. In addition to tea bags, sleep tea is also available in powder form, such as melatonin sleep tea. In any case, you must follow the instructions for use to avoid adverse reactions. Of course, you can also compose your own sleepy tea blend with herbs from the garden or from the windowsill – our tea recipes give ideas.

In addition to drinking tea at night, you can also make it for a night’s rest.

Whether you make your own tea or use a standard product – the simple ritual of sitting down with a cup of tea before going to sleep will help you “wind down”. Dim lighting and lack of use of television, the Internet, or other electronic entertainment devices stimulate the body’s production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Also, make sure your bedtime meal isn’t too big and is eaten at least two, preferably three hours before you go to bed. A cup of espresso or black tea after a meal is not a good idea at night: the caffeine in it wakes you up. Experts recommend not consuming caffeinated beverages after 2 pm Also, the best time to drink melatonin tea for sleep is right before bed. You can also drink herbal teas before.

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