Picking a room at Sky Beach Club not only determines the size of the unit and proximity to the beach, but besides whether or not you ’ ll be surrounded by families or secluded. The three stylish Bungalows are situated adjacent to the eternity pool and restaurant, each featuring outdoor seating with dark wicker furniture, accented with red-and-white leach cushions. Because of the placement of these units, there will be some noise from the restaurant and pool sphere. Bungalows have an outdoors floor plan and gamey wooden ceilings, and interior decoration includes dark wood platform king-size beds, light gem tile flooring, and dark furniture accented with beige cushions. There are a few pops of color in details like confuse pillows vitamin a well as in the abstraction wall art. decent additions include microwaves, flat-screen TVs, mini-fridges, toasters, dining set ups, and potent air-condition. The broad bathroom is one of the highlights, with a glaze shower, an abundance of counter space, branch bathtub, and freestanding gutter. There are no doors to the bathrooms, but there is a window connecting the bedroom to the bathroom which can be left open or closed depending on the guests. Villas are perched on a mound farther away from the hotel ‘s main hub, and offer guests more space and some have individual eternity pools. All of the Villas are modern and fashionable. They include four bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a laundry room. The four bedrooms all have platform king or queen-size beds, no television receiver, and wooden ceilings. Outfitted with stainless steel steel appliances, the kitchens have dark woodwind cabinets and blank dinnerware. There are enough of places for lounging, with a broad slump living room bedecked in white cushioned couches and colorful throw pillows in hues like red, orange, green, and amobarbital sodium. They besides have a separate boom area with an ipod dock. All of the bathrooms are roomy and well-appointed, but the master bathtub is worth noting. There is a double rain showerhead in a glass shower, a separate bathtub, and two bombastic vanities, all with a stunning view of the ocean. Those with individual eternity pools besides have spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean from the pond, with a handful of wicker lounge chairs on the big patio for sunbathing.

It ‘s worth noting that all Bungalows and Villas are only given daily housekeeping services at an extra fee. Wi-Fi is absolve in all units, as is coffee for the coffeemakers.