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Price: ~£18
Volume: 100ml

Made in: South Korea
What is it?: An phial that contains 100 % Centella Asiatica Extract ( From Madagascar )
What does it do, According to the Brand: This phial helps to repair a damaged Skin barrier while providing both moisture + poise. Cica Extract strengthens the skin ’ s barrier to promote goodly looking and feeling skin .
Supposedly Good for: All Skin Types
What I think: I would agree all skin types could use this ( particularly Sensitised Skins ), however Oily-Combo Skins may prefer this over Dry Skins since it ’ s sol whippersnapper + reduce. besides, I think those in Hot and Humid Weather Would prefer this over Dry Weather .


Vegan?: yes
Cruelty Free?: yes
Packaging: Glass Bottle with a dropper ( This feels expensive ). As you can see, this besides has that small fictile cap inside at the topple which reduces product lay waste to + spill. besides, the Tip of the dropper is L-shaped which prevents spill and enables an easier application .
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You can see the L-Shaped curve of the dropper
Directions: After cleansing, apply 2-3 drops on the confront and tap lightly for better absorption .
How I use it: I use this specifically when the skin is sensitised ( stings and everything irritates it ) as this is one of the few products I have that doesn ’ t sting. I reach for this, the Inkey List Snow Mushroom Moisturiser and the SVR Sensifine Aqua Gel. I normally apply this after a toner and right before a Gel/Moisturiser. If the hide is feeling a little parch, I ’ ll add 2 layers of this and besides apply liberally on the neck. besides if the skin is peculiarly angry/irritated – I will use this as a Toner, Serum, Essence and Ampoule in 1 to minimise skin care steps in order to avoid touching the skin + aggravating the hide further .

Key Ingredients: Centella Asiatica Extract – Both an Antioxidant, Soothing and a Moisturiser/Humectant ( Draws Water in ) .

What is Centella Asiatica + What does it do?
Centella Asiatica ( Gotu Kola ) has been used to treat small wounds, skin burns and small scratches traditionally .
It is besides meant to be used for Eczema as it helps ease inflammation .
There are lots of actives in Centella Asiatica such as asian acidic, Madecassic acid, Madecassoside + Asiaticoside ( These are labelled as Centellosides ). interestingly – the COSRX Cica Line Really Accentuates how their products contain all these aspects as a Cica-7 Complex ( With a high % of Cica – but obviously this Ampoule hera contains 100 % Cica which is more than the Cosrx products ( See my Youtube Video Below to know more ! ). But I would actually recommend sensitised skins use this ampoule over any of the Cosrx Cica Products as those contain Hyaluronic Acid or Niacinamide which can sting Irritated/Compromised Skin barrier Skins).
Centellosides aid promote Glycosaminoglycans ( The liquid between cells ) which are Polysaccharides ( sugars ) – ( Paper HERE ). Which is why they help with injure healing + besides can help draw in moisture .
Asiaticoside ( which is besides separate of Cica ) promotes clamber antioxidation levels in animal skin ( this was tested on Rats specifically, so not precisely human skin ) even when applied at a low level ( Paper here ). And the antioxidant ability of Centella Asiatica can help with Skin-ageing due to protecting the clamber from free-radical wrong ( Paper here ) .
Cica besides helps promote Skin hydration by increasing Hyaluronic Acid production in the hide, hence why it ’ sulfur besides labelled as a Humectant or Moisturiser – the report to back this astir is HERE ( Ceramides were tested aboard Cica to compare ) .
A learn besides showed that Cica has anti-inflammatory benefits. Madecassoside ( in Cica ) helps promote wound mend ( paper HERE ) by promoting Collagen output in the Skin ( however Tamanu Oil did better at Collagen Stimulation than Cica )

  • So basically, Centella Asiatics does help promote Wound Healing, Soothes the skin, Hydrates it (however I don’t find this Ampoule particularly Hydrating I must say!) and provides some Antioxidant benefits to the skin. So it’s good to have in a routine, and especially those with Irritated or irritation-prone skins.

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Full Ingredients: Centella Asiatica ( Gotu Kola ) Extract 100 %

  • So as you can see, a very simple Ingredient list! This is why I recommend this to Sensitised/Irritated Skins as this 1 ingredient product should have less chance at irritating the skin!

Video Swatch of the Ampoule

Texture: This is a very lightweight, simple, non-sticky and non-tacky product that runs down the handwriting. It absorbs fast and doesn ’ metric ton leave a greasy or an buttery finish. It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find particularly hydrating nor moisturising on the skin, but it decidedly helps soothe the peel when irritated .
This spreads far and feels then light on the skin. It doesn ’ thyroxine base that it feels like nothing but water system and ends up making the skin feel dry-er after application, no – this decidedly adds to the skin and it has some weight to it without feeling heavy or suffocating. It is still a basic texture though, but it doesn ’ t make the skin feel besotted or uncomfortable after applying.

hopefully you can see barely how lightweight this product is and how it runs down the hand !


decidedly lightweight and basically like water ! This is fast steep and international relations and security network ’ t gluey or greasy !
honestly if the skin is identical irritate, this can be used as a toner adenine well. i.e. Toner, Ampoule, Serum + Essence .


Face Swatch Video:

hopefully you can see how lightweight this Ampoule is !

Fragrance?: No added Fragrance + EO, which makes it more compatible with sensitize + Irritated Skins .
Good Under Makeup?: Yes ! As this is so lightweight + layerable ( i.e. doesn ’ t ball up ) .
Summer or Winter?: Both seasons but particularly Summer as it ’ s so light ( and isn ’ t particularly moisturising ) .
Does this sting when/if the skin is Sensitised (I.e. when eveything stings): NO ! This is one of the few products I can apply to my skin when it ’ south irritate and it WONT sting .
How long have I been using this?: 1-2 months
The Effect? : soothe skin ! It decidedly doesn ’ thymine aggrevate the skin and helps nurse irritate skin back to adept health. It doesn ’ t particularly Moisturise or Hydrate the peel, that ’ s why if the skin is peculiarly parched I will add 2 layers to try and get that full moon moisturising/humectant effect of Centella Asiatica into the peel .

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What I like:

  • Fragrance + EO Free
  • Can be used on Sensitised/Angry Skin
  • Fast Absorbing
  • Lightweight Texture
  • I love the packaging (Glass Bottle)
  • Doesn’t sting / irritate
  • Not greasy
  • Soothing

What I don’t like:

  • Can be deemed as ”basic” (i.e. I don’t reach for this if the skin isn’t irritated/sensitised as I go for more ”complex” serums/essences/toners that help with a skin issue in that moment)
  • Not particularly hydrating or moisturising (definitely need to add something hydrating/moisturising on top).


Overall Rating and Conclusion: 4/5 – A Basic, Simple Ampoule that is a Skin Saver when the hide is irritated/sensitised and everything else stings/hurts. It plainly helps soothe and hydrate the clamber when it ’ sulfur in panic manner. Do I reach for this when the skin international relations and security network ’ metric ton sensitised ? not truly, as it ’ randomness very basic and I would prefer to use an ampoule/serum/essence that helps correct a hide publish I have in that here and now .
I decidedly think sensible and sensitize skins would love this and in detail, Oily/Combo Skins or those living in Hot and Humid weathers where you want a serum/essence/ampoule that ’ s lightweight adequate to wear in the AM without making the skin feel like it ’ mho sweat .
Would I repurchase?: Yes – very utilitarian when the bark is irritated/sensitised .

Dupe?: The I ’ megabyte From Mugwort Essence ( My Review HERE ) – Just as dim-witted ( besides merely 1 component excessively ). I would preference this merchandise over the Mugwort Essence as Centella has more research to back up its effects on the skin – however, the Mugwort Essence absolutely did not sting or worsen my skin ’ randomness stipulate when I had exaggerated it on vitamin a1 !

My Skin Type: I am acne prone and have slightly dehydrated jazz band skin. My skin is normally besotted where the boldness and eye area is and the extinct parts of my side. My T partition is greasy. My skin international relations and security network ’ t a fan of thick/heavy formulas so I opt for whippersnapper formulas to prevent it from clogging up. My skin doesn ’ t like essential oils either and I try to avoid aroma when I can .
Disclaimer: I am a skin care enthusiast and not a peel technical. I am not qualified to give out dermatologic advice. This type of advice should merely be given by a medical practitioner. Upon trying / using any of the reviewed products on the web log, please follow the manufacturer ’ s instructions and warnings and please seek medical advice if needed .

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