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Show Me The Money ( SMTM ; korean : 쇼미더머니 ; RR : Syomideomeoni ) is a south korean rap rival television show that airs on Mnet. The show has grown in popularity since the first temper aired in 2012 to the tenth season in 2021, and it is credited for increasing the south korean public ‘s interest in hip hop. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

backdrop [edit ]

When SMTM first aired in 2012 , it was the entirely show on south korean television to focus on hip hop, [ 3 ] and the first show on Mnet about hip hop since the music channel cancelled Hip Hop the Vibe in 2004. [ 4 ] Han Dong-chul, the foreman producer of SMTM, belated said of the indicate, “ My goal was to let people know that there is more than just paragon dance music in Korea. ” [ 3 ] The format of each season varies, but broadly consists of contestants going head to point in a series of challenges until only one rapper remains. The show includes a assortment of cub and have rappers, with the feel rappers typically serving as “ producers, ” a function that includes being both mentors and judges. [ 5 ]

Season 1 ( 2012 ) [edit ]

The first season of SMTM began airing on June 22, 2012 and was hosted by Eun Ji-won of the K-pop group Sechs Kies. [ 4 ] The season paired experience rappers Double K, Verbal Jint, 45RPM, MC Sniper, Miryo, Hoony Hoon, Joosuc, and Garion with cub rappers. [ 6 ] noteworthy contestants included Cheetah, one of the show ‘s few female rappers, who would by and by become the winner of the first season of SMTM by-product, Unpretty Rapstar. [ 7 ] Rookie rapper Loco, under the mentorship of Double K, won the contest and went on to sign with hip hop label AOMG. He late appeared on season 4 as a manufacturer. [ 8 ]

Season 2 ( 2013 ) [edit ]

The second season of SMTM began airing on June 7, 2013, and was again hosted by Eun Ji-won. Contestants were split into two hip hop crews, “ Meta Crew, ” led by MC Meta of the group Garion, and “ D.O Crew, ” led by Lee Hyun Do, once of ’90s pelvis hop duet Deux. [ 9 ] The season ‘s contestants included respective rappers who would go on to become long-familiar artists, including LE of EXID, [ 10 ] DinDin, [ 11 ] Mad Clown, [ 12 ] and Swings. [ 13 ] The winner of the second season was pelvis hop trio Soul Dive, mentored by MC Meta. [ 9 ]

Season 3 ( 2014 ) [edit ]

The third base season of SMTM saw a number of outstanding korean hip hop figures ‘ engagement. The producers split themselves loosely along the lines of larger korean hep hop labels, leading to Tablo and Masta Wu representing “ Team YG, ” Dok2 and The Quiett representing “ Team Illionaire, ” Swings and San E representing “ Team Brand New Music, ” and “ Team YDG “. The season was won by Bobby from K-Pop son group picture, [ 14 ] ( and the only idol who win SMTM title until nowadays ) together with his producers Dok2 and The Quiett of Team Illionaire .

Season 4 ( 2015 ) [edit ]

Mnet ‘s fourthly season of SMTM features YG judges Jinusean and Tablo, San E and Verbal Jint from Brand New Music, AOMG judges Jay Park and Loco ( first base season achiever came back as a producer ), and judges Zico of Block B and Paloalto ( Hi-Lite Records ). No contestants auditioned this year with more idol rappers, most notably, Song Min-ho of Winner, and veterans such as Black Nut and P-Type. Many of the contestants from Season 3 came back angstrom well. The winner of this temper was Basick with his producers team San E and Verbal Jint from Brand New Music .

Season 5 ( 2016 ) [edit ]

The one-fifth season of SMTM featured four different manufacturer teams consisting of : AOMG judges Simon Dominic & Gray, YG Entertainment judges Kush & Zion T, judges Dok2 & The Quiett of Illionaire Records and Gill & Mad Clown. This season held open auditions in LA for the beginning clock time with guest estimate Timbaland. It besides saw the participation of many popular and well known artists in the korean hip hop picture arsenic well as luminary participants of past seasons such as G2, Reddy, C Jamm, BewhY, Bizniz, Onesun, Jin Doggae, J’Kyun, Xitsuh, Snacky Chan, One, Sanchez, Dayday, Junoflo, Myundo, Super Bee and Flowsik. This season ‘s achiever was BewhY with his producer team of Simon Dominic and Gray from AOMG .

Season 6 ( 2017 ) [edit ]

Mnet ‘s “ Show Me the Money 6 ” began airing on June 30, 2017, and ended on September 1, 2017. The one-sixth season had four manufacturer teams, Zico & Dean, [ 15 ] Choiza & Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, [ 16 ] Tiger JK & Bizzy [ 17 ] and Jay Park & Dok2. [ 18 ] Both rappers from previous seasons and new rappers participated, including Nucksal, QWALA, Hash Swan, LTAK, NO : EL, Woo Won-jae, Hanhae, Punchnello, Penomeco, JJK, Junoflo, J’Kyun, Ja Mezz, Rhythm Power members Boi-B, Geegoin, and Hangzoo, Microdot, Young B ( winner of high School Rapper ), New Champ, IGNITO, Kebee, Sleepy ( Untouchable ), Killagramz, Born Kim, Jin Doggae, Rudals, BIGONE ( early 24K member Kim Daeil ), and erstwhile SMTM1 manufacturer, Double K. American artist and producer Swizz Beatz was a extra evaluator for the New York auditions of the indicate. “ Show Me the Money 6 ” landed in New York and Los Angeles on May 6 and May 9, respectively. This season drew more participants than always before. For “ Show Me the Money 5 ”, approximately 9,000 people auditioned to have a gamble to compete on the read. “ Show Me the Money 6 ” had over 12,000 people interested in auditioning for the show—the largest applicant pool the show ever had. As a solution of the huge number of applicants, the first round of auditions in Korea took seat over the course of two days. first round auditions occurred April 29–30 at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon. This was besides the first time that auditions were held in New York City. The format for the New York auditions will be the like as the first orotund auditions in South Korea. New York auditions took place on May 6 at Brooklyn Studios. The Los Angeles auditions were held on May 9 at LA Anderson Warehouse. The winner for this season was Rhythm Power ‘s Hangzoo with his producer team of Zico and Dean of FANXYCHILD .

Season 7 ( 2018 ) [edit ]

Season 7 was known as “ Show Me The Money 777 ( read as Triple 7 ) ” and began airing on September 7, 2018. This season marked the seventh season of the display. The seventh temper featured four manufacturer teams, Swings & Giriboy, [ 19 ] Deepflow & Nucksal, [ 20 ] Code Kunst & Paloalto, [ 21 ] and The Quiett & Changmo. [ 22 ] Rappers from previous seasons or from Mnet ‘s High School Rapper series and new rappers have participated.

different from previous seasons, this season did not have the beginning preliminary round. alternatively, the production crew watched over 13,000 audition videos and selected about 1,000 contestants. These selected contestants then were judged by the producers teams, and the certified ones moved on to the second rung, the usual One-minute blame round. This season, the difference in the round was that it was viewed by all remaining contestants. There was besides a new bet organization used in the testify. The achiever for this season was Nafla with his producer team of Team Just Music .

Season 8 ( 2019 ) [edit ]

Season 8 began airing from July 26, 2019. [ 23 ] Different from previous seasons, when there were four producer teams, the one-eighth season featured two manufacturer crews, one consist of Swings, Mad Clown, Kid Milli and Boycold, [ 24 ] with the early dwell of Verbal Jint, Giriboy, BewhY and Millic. [ 25 ] Rappers from previous seasons or from Mnet ‘s High School Rapper series and new rappers have participated. exchangeable to the former season, the production crowd watched about 16,000 audition clips and selected about 2,000 contestants to be judged by the crews in the first rung. The difference in the beginning round in this season is that if a dissenter failed the first base pronounce from a member of one crew, he/she can choose to go for the second estimate by a penis of the other crew. If the dissenter managed to pass the second gear estimate, he/she can move to the second base attack. The winner for this season was Punchnello with his manufacturer crew of BGM-v Crew .

Season 9 ( 2020 ) [edit ]

Season 9 aired its first episode on October 16, 2020. [ 26 ] The season consists of four producing teams : Dynamic Duo & Bewhy, Paloalto & Code Kunst, Zion.T & Giriboy, and Justhis & GroovyRoom. [ 27 ] Rappers from previous seasons or from Mnet ‘s High School Rapper series and newfangled rappers have participated. For this season, there are about 23,000 applicants, the most in the testify ‘s history. [ 26 ] The season ‘s winner will be labelled as the “ Young Boss ”. In addition, the winner will have ₩100,000,000 in cash and the launching of a annual project label for his/her music activities, totaling up to ₩500,000,000. [ 28 ] The winner for this season was Lil Boi with Team Zion.T x Giriboy as the winning producer team. With this acquire, Giriboy becomes the first always three-time winning producer of the show after winning three heterosexual seasons. ( previously won in season 777 with team Just Music, and in season 8 with BGM-v crowd )

Season 10 ( 2021 ) [edit ]

The one-tenth and latest season of the series Show Me the Money ( known as Show Me the Money 10: The Original ) premiered on October 1, 2021. It broadcasts every Friday at 23:00 ( KST ) on Mnet. The season will feature four new producer teams Yumdda & Toil, Gaeko & Code Kunst, Gray & Mino, Zion.T & Slom. This season saw approximately 27,000 applicants, the most in the appearance ‘s history. [ 29 ] The increase in the number of contestants joining the indicate is chiefly due to the increasing fiscal difficulties most rappers face due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With the lack of in-person concerts, events, and gigs happening right now, most of them nowadays focus on on-line cyclosis and web-content platforms which does not provide as a lot income. With the great success of season 9, the contestants see the express as a way to success where they can be discovered and produce chart-hitting songs. This season will besides carry out a “ tenth Anniversary visualize ” that crosses air, on-line and Over The top platforms under the concept of “The Original”, celebrating the express ‘s rich history of serving as a vanguard of the korean Hip-Hop scene, american samoa well as the emergence of up and coming korean artists who joined the show. [ 30 ] The winner of this season is Jo Gwang-il, with Team Gaeko x Code Kunst as the winning producer team. He will receive a respect money of ₩300,000,000 plus album production and ultra-luxury music business support .

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International versions [edit ]

plagiarism controversy [edit ]

In 2017, CJ E & M, the output company behind Show Me The Money, accused the creators of the Chinese rap competition show, The Rap of China, of plagiarism. A spokesperson for CJ E & M said that even though the logo, rules, and formats of the two shows were strikingly alike, The Rap of China was not a license version of the original south korean show. [ 32 ] [ 33 ]

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