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Great additional SPF layer for makeup

The spray is refreshing and has great range. It keeps my foundation and blush bracing and in place. It is an ideal intersection to have in your bag, so you can spray throughout the day, if needed with sun photograph. I have seen a few reviews commenting on the sunscreen scent. As a health caution, I avoid inhaling SPF ingredients by spraying my face and immediately walking away from that space, holding my breath .

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Just okay

I very wanted to like this intersection because I like the brand a batch, however, I had this product for a few weeks and then the top started to stick and it became truly unmanageable to use. I bought this to take on a tripper to Florida and on the way back the intersection leaked in my make up bag reasonably badly and I think it ‘s because the packaging is faulty which was a real number disappointment considering the monetary value. The product itself is effective, not awkward, and keeps oil at bay however the scent is a little solid for my liking. I wo n’t be re-purchasing this product chiefly because of the monetary value and because the Supergoop brand makes a better product that is less expensive and has a higher sun protection factor so I think it is a better value than this make up setting spray.

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the smell is traumatizing

2 Jordan from Your moms family the smell is so bad. iodine would recommend the milani one for like a third or the price. it smells a small morsel eldritch besides not gon na lie but it ‘s more sweetly and not actual alcohol. for the price one just would expect more

Staple in my skincare, but could be better

4 Gigi from California This sunscreen is a staple for my skin care. I bring it with me to work and apply it before I go out in the sun on my face and neck. It works very well and it does not mess up my makeup or cause acne. The only issue is that it could be a better formula. It gently stings my eyes upon application, but that fades within a moment or two and it is very mild. It besides has a smell that is very sunscreen-y. Despite these two issues I have bought 2 bottles and will buy more when I run out of the current one because it ‘s so authoritative to reapply sunscreen throughout the day .

Its okay

3 Domi from Arizona I very wanted to love this product since it would make it therefore much easier to include SPF while wearing makeup, but it smells and feels like you ‘re spraying alcohol on your face ! ! ! The smell is very pungent and it would burn my skin when applied. early than that, it does work very well … when I use it, my bark is flat ( I have greasy skin then I love this ) and my constitution stays put. But I truly ca n’t get over the alcohol smack and stinging – that equitable actually ruined this product .

Alcohol, it’s basically alcohol. Beware sensitive skins

3 K from Santa Cruz I in truth wanted to love this product, but the from the 1st spray I knew that the packaging/description had mislead me .. like, a lot. There are two pro ‘s which are that this product absolutely DOES mattify, and it does it cursorily and very well. I have jazz band skin, normally medium skin spirit but I lighten during winter and I ‘m decidedly on the buttery side. I ‘ve been more breakout prone than ever recently and the shiny-ness makes any imperfection appear wayyy more obvious. So anyhow, In addition to providing the necessary amount of sun protection factor, a mist every two hours ( how frequently we should be reapplying ) removes every bite of shine about immediately. It ‘s actually pretty amazing, or it would be, if it did n’t smell and feel precisely like misting pure alcohol across my face. The convict ‘s include the alcohol, as it is the first listed ingredient- and it shows- the bite sensation for some moments after because of it, it ‘s decidedly not hydrating either. There are hydrating ingredients, but they are rendered basically useless, it ‘s is def not refreshing and it ‘s not a comfortable lotion experience. I ‘m going to keep using it because of the pros and see what happens but I wo n’t buy again. I would ‘ve done 2.5 stars so I Rounded up. It sucks but it gets one thing right. DO N’T USE this on dry, sensitive or sensitize skin, you will feel the burn. I would love beloved to try a reformulation, but most most mist sunscreen products are alcoholy so it might just be the way of these products .

glad it was trial size

1 rebeca from Dallas Upon consumption I felt a burning/tingling ace on my confront. I believe my face just did n’t like Alcohol being one of the top ingredients in this constituent intersection. The smell was arrant alcohol besides .

Not for Sensitive Skin

3 Carrie D from Louisiana This product sets my makeup well, but my stallion face is swollen, red and itchy. After a pair of hours of wear, I started to have a chemical reaction. I do n’t constantly use setting spray, so it ‘s taken me a couple of times to figure it out, but I ‘m surely this is what caused it. This product smells extremely chemically and is just not thoroughly for anyone with medium skin. For such an expensive product, it is very disappoint .

I really love this stuff

5 crystal from SF, California Okay hello 🍒 I love the COOLA line of products. I even got a bill from them .

Horrible for the price

3 nauseating Customer from United States I bought this for a beach trip and the chemical smack made me sick. I in truth tried to look past it, but it did n’t work with ANY of my constitution even with three different brands of fuse .

Pretty good! Would buy again!

5 sydney from OH – ohio I have used this for about 2 weeks, and it works great ! The only bad thing is that it does have a pretty bad smell. It smells like a very hard cardsharp marker in my opinion. overall 9/10 .

I can’t handle the smell

3 KLinky from Kahului first makeup setting sunday spray in SPF 30 I have always use, I about like it but my issues are the strong Chemical scent and discomfort after spray on my face I end-up returned it sol sad about my buy

The worst thing I’ve ever put on my face

1 skincarejunky98 from Boston, MA I love the concept of this, hate the performance. First off it ‘s eldritch to apply sunscreen atomizer directly to your face and the smack of this does n’t make it any easier, it smells awful and dissipates preferably quickly but those couple of minutes where you can smell it are atrocious. second, once it ‘s on your face, if you touch your face at all, you can FEEL the product equitable sitting on the surface and it made me feel greasy and uncomfy, even using it without any constitution on. I feel like it ‘s not doing what it ‘s suppose to be doing by precisely sitting on my face, it does n’t help preserve constitution at all, and it makes me look oilier then I already am having oily skin. besides it ‘s costly I feel like for the total of product. overall, hard pass and has kinda turned me off to spf constitution setting sprays, you ‘re better off opting for a powderize with SPF for reapplication .

Smells like sanitizer

1 Randa from State College, PA I truly wanted to love this. I did n’t realize the beginning component was alcohol until I got home or I would n’t have bought it. I tried it two times and it good felt like I was spraying sanitizer on my face. not worth it !


4 Hannah from OH price sharpen is my biggest complaint – there are similar products available for cheaper but I love the sun protection factor in the specify spray. I have purchased multiple times

Allergic Reaction

1 Makeup and skin care fanatic from Diamond barroom just beware not for people with sensitive skin. I in truth wanted to love this intersection but it just did n’t work out for me. Broke out in a foolhardy and turned my front super red and slightly swollen .

Doesn’t work

1 wayjulez from South Bend, IN I normally use gunpowder to set my makeup, but tried this as an alternate. It leaves an greasy residue ( credibly due to the sunscreen ). It besides has a impregnable alcohol smell. Worst of all, it does n’t work. It ruined my makeup and I had to amply wash my confront and reapply all of my constitution .

Works But Stinks:)

3 Rachelle from Washington Smells atrocious but has a nice complete over makeup .

Smells like alcohol!

3 Trisha from Maryland I wanted to love this but then I opened it and sprayed it and it was awful. It smells like rubbing alcohol and it burns my skin .

Best setting spray but needs to be tweaked

4 go golf from Michigan This sic atomizer provides the absolute best results. I have used Este Lauders, Poor Professionals and countless others. nothing compares to Coola. however it can burn sensitive bark, ill. I have had spots where I exfoliated excessively much and it burns when I spray. The smell is bad but it dissipates quickly and I use my blow-dryer to dry it quickly. If there was another option that provided the like best results but not much holds up to my life style. I am constantly outside, active and on a 90 degree day with gamey humidity, this stuff will make it through a round of golf and does n’t make me “ glistening ”. Old version of the glass bottle broke when I was shaking it, cut my hand badly and lost the entire bottle of product .

Makeup ruined. Bad college memories sparked.

2 rachel from Boston I thought this product would be great. I love Coola skin care and I figured they could not mess up an SPF. this set spray is guaranteed to make my constitution look awful. It besides sparks atrocious cheap alcohol memories, which at times in intolerable. I ‘d rather carry around a giant sunscreen bottle than subject myself to this bottom ledge tequila smelling hideous product .

Nozzle Clogs

3 laura from Pennsylvania It does set my makeup, but as others say, it smells potent, but you get used to it. my main gripe is that the nozzle clogs and it does n’t constantly come out well .


3 Jess from NJ The atomizer bottle broke then now I do know how to apply it anymore and it burns my eyes so well ! ! ! !

Smells awful

1 Jill from NJ I wanted to love this but I could n’t even give it a fair inject because the smack was so bad. Like a strong alcohol vodka smack. It did n’t linger but I knew I ‘d never use it, so I returned it .


1 It burns from CA Should ‘ve trusted the comments. It burns and my front has been inflamed for a few days. I ‘m even recovering. The concept is nice but they need to change their formula. It BURNS .

Lightweight sunscreen.

3 Jlb from Kansas City, missouri I like that this merchandise sets my constitution and has an sun protection factor in it. It ‘s identical lightweight but it smells like vodka and burns thus keep your eyes closed for respective seconds after spraying it.

Do not use if you have sensitive skin

1 Lyd from Texas Made my confront swell up like a lounge lizard. atrocious atrocious product. Took 3 days before my eyes started to return to normal. If you have medium skin DO NOT use .