Did you feel the background move beneath your feet Tuesday night ?
In the biggest happen of the Bangkok cosmetics scene this year, Sephora, the well-known and most raved-about french cosmetic retailer, landed its multi-million-baht beauty products in a flagship store on the ground floor of newly renovated Siam Center .
For a ten, Sephora has been an obsession of Thai women, who always make it a souvenir-stop when traveling abroad due to our failing for foreign-branded glosses and glitter eye-shadows with prices printed in double-digit dollars.

But does Sephora Thailand offer Thai women the like patronize know they ’ ve had abroad ?
ultimately, while it ’ s great to have Sephora close to home, my foremost look of the Siam Center store was a permit down to my high expectations .

After queuing for an hour, I entered the storehouse with hundreds of Thai women flocking and swarming at the beautifully expose cosmetics stands. Sounds of stainless steel shopping baskets clanking, and the push mobbing limited-edition cosmetics increased my exhilaration .
Circling around the shop, I can report that Sephora-branded products take up the most distance and remain the biggest belly laugh factor, ranging from the colored bath gels, a huge stand of breeze through polishes in any shades, base makeup and charge makeup .
Exciting news is the presentation of Tarte and Ciaté brands in Thailand, along with circumscribed product sets from Benefit, who won the most-mobbed-product-stand award. I guess Thai girls dig its supercute promotion .
NYX, the budget-yet-high-quality makeup which previously opened it first official rejoinder at Zen, is surprisingly included in Sephora, along with asian beauty brands like Shiseido and Ettusais.

Most brands that the Siam Center branch carries are not a big surprise for the fact that they have been sold in Thailand for ages : Dior, Nars, Annasui, Make Up For Ever, The Balm, Bliss and Philosophy .
I was disappointed not to find some of the most-demanded brands like Urban Decay and its NAKED pallets. besides, the store lacks their popular gift sets and Sephora Favorites sets, which include 10 to 15 little sizes of makeup or perfume for a great bargain. rather, there are hide and hair worry products most Thai women haven ’ t heard of such as Murad, Strivectin, Fresh, For Beloved One, Bamboo, and Caudalie, while the small men ’ mho incision stocks Lab Series and John Masters Organics .
overall, if you are looking for a perfect, individual item, Sephora makes it commodious to try on different products well, but I must say that I walked out of Siam Center Sephora empty-handed and touch quite disappoint .
With a huge aim market like Thailand, we expected dead extravagance from its new anchor in Siam Center branch, which announced itself as Thailand ’ s flagship shop. however, anyone who ’ south been to the shops on Singapore ’ s Orchard Road or in Times Square should prepare to be a little underwhelmed. Our Bangkok shop is minor by Sephora standards and was not prepared to handle a line of 100 women waiting patiently to check out, something not probably to change until the fever dies down .

besides, Sephora Thailand brought identical small invention to the cosmetics picture, but chiefly stock the products that were already available. The reason Thai women enjoy shopping at Sephora when traveling abroad because they stock the Internet ’ s celebrated tools and makeups we don ’ metric ton find in Thailand. Besides Sephora ’ s own stigmatize products, I spotted only a few long-familiar collections in the Bangkok shop .
however, a sales person told me there will be more selection in the future, which I hope helps the modern “ flagship ” live up to that name.

My final return is that if you have prison term, decidedly go check it out. But if you already know what you want, stand by with the large cosmetics department at Siam Paragon, at least for two months until the crowd moves on to the Victoria ’ randomness Secret Beauty & Accessories denounce to open in Siam Center .
personally, I ’ ll finally go back to splurge on Sephora primers, for now I ’ ll stick with the old tube I haven ’ thyroxine used up. After all, it ’ s only constitution, right ?