Hua Hin, Thailand has therefore much to offer travellers. Whether you ’ re a backpacker or an adventurer, a family stumbler or a lavishness vacationer, there will be something for you there. You don ’ t have to stay long. Our six-night stay at the Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa was more than enough. You can find out more in Our Hua Hin Family Holiday, a great scat for All. For me, a café orion, I wanted to see what Hua Hin Cafes had to offer. Instagram was my scout ( as always ) and because staying in one position for excessively long made me twitchy, I convinced my husband to rent a car so we could go to a match particular locations. We then travelled far afield .

First priority – Hua Hin Cafes

Seenspace Hua Hin was our first gear period. Touted as the area ’ s first ever beachside promenade, it oozed everything trendy and chic. I wouldn ’ t call it a promenade though. It ’ s more of a haven for the beautiful and hip, with cool vibes, food, drink and a beautiful eternity pool that stretched the length of its beachfront localization. There are a few boutiques there but not adequate to call it a plaza. Another tip… don ’ metric ton get there earlier noon. In fact, I would go in the even when the atmosphere is cool, the sun is setting and you can truly chill out and soak it all in .
I reluctantly left Seenspace, feeling a bit like I hadn ’ triiodothyronine spent enough clock time there. We had arrived a make bit besides early for all the shops to be candid and it was a scorcher of a day so we took the kids back to the fall back for some R & R. I think the early even would be the best time to go then you can enjoy cool breezes, the sun set and some cool drinks by the pool .

A day out in the country

Hua Hin itself is beachside but if you drive inland, you ’ ll find beautiful hills and a more rural, good depart of Thailand. Having said that, we besides found a Thai winery called Monsoon Valley which was well worth the visit, even if just to have a expression.


On the way back to Hua Hin, we went a bite off the tick path to explore some caves. As I ’ ve said before, I ’ thousand not a lot of an adventurer but these were pretty cool. We followed the GPS until we thought we were lost. then we came across a shed by a hill and a little sign that said Lub Lae cave. For a humble contribution at the shed, they ’ ll give you a flashlight to take with you. then it ’ s a short rise up a flight of stairs to the mouth of the cave. A consecrated Buddha sits determine at the entrance but then you can well make your way down through stairs carved into the floor.

I wish we had taken another hour or two to go far towards Burma and find the waterfalls that are in the area. This we will have to do on our adjacent adventure to Hua Hin .

One final Hua Hin Cafe

I must have a thing for places called spaces because our last cafe before leaving Hua Hin was coincidentally called Air Space. It ’ randomness on the other end of Hua Hin township but I was delighted to find it .
Hua Hin, you have in truth won my heart and I hope I will get to come back very soon !