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In this FIRST installment of the Top 10 Urban Gardeners, we’re counting down our favorite seed catalogs of 2021. There are so many great seed companies, we’re covering the companies I’ve used before. If you didn’t hear your favorite seed catalog in our list, let us know your favorites, or your own top 10 list in the comments section below… Let’s Get Growing! To connect with other gardeners JOIN our gardening group on FB: “LIKE” our Facebook page for more content: tUG on Instagram: tUG on Twitter: Go old fashioned and leave a message on our messaging line voice: (458) 246-UGOR (Urban Jardinier OREGON) Online catalogs only: Ray’s… Little Shop of Seeds: True Leaf Market: TOP 10 seed catalogs: (not in order, you have to watch the video, lol) Territorial Seed Co.: Seed Savers Exchange: Sow True Seeds: Kitazawa Seed Co.: Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.: Fedco Seeds: Select Seeds & Plants: High Mowing Seeds: Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Pinetree Garden Seeds: Other seed companies mentioned: Jung Seed Co.: Seeds of Change: Gurney’s Seeds: Burgess Seeds: Seeds and Others: Botanical Interests: Burpee Seeds: Vessey’s Seed (Online USA Only): Harris Seeds: Park Seed Co.: Adaptive Seeds: Grand Prismatic Seed Co.: John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden Seeds:

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Seed Catalogs | t.U.G. TOP 10!

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Seed Catalogs | t.U.G. TOP 10!.

grand prismatic seed.

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6 thoughts on “Seed Catalogs | t.U.G. TOP 10! | In general, the most detailed relevant contents grand prismatic seed”

  1. Bakers Creek have the most seductive catalog. Every time I have received one I have bought more seeds than I would have space for IF they all germinated. They have seeds for interesting new seeds to tempt anyone.

    Last spring I realized my order included multiple packs of the same product because with only 5-10 seeds per pack I was trying to make sure that I would have germination. For instance I bought 2 packs of a snake bean which was touted as 3-6’ long beans with a real green bean flavor. Out of the 2 packs with a total of 10 seeds only one sprouted and did have 2 pods. What they didn’t say was that there would be a filmy, stinky residue on the outside of the beans that was difficult to wash off your hands once you had handled it. On that particular plant I am rather glad there wasn’t higher germination because I couldn’t find anyone willing to sample to see if it indeed had green bean flavor. It was good for a few laughs. Another I bought 2 packs of last year was a white bitter gourd that had zero germination. While some of the standard old faithful varieties have germinated okay, I can usually get them off the discount rack locally and save money while experiencing the same germination.

    Perhaps it is something I’m doing wrong. While I have been able to have space for small gardens most of my adult years and I grew up on a farm I am definitely not a master gardener so perhaps it is something I am doing.

    I am moving to a homestead this winter and while I will plant any leftover seeds I have from baker creek to see how they do, I doubt any of my new seeds will be from them which is too bad because as I said they have the best catalog.

  2. I go to Territorial first because their service is impeccable and their catalog is so full of eye candy. The Giant of Colmar carrot I put in a bottle has sprouted. Thank you for all the information! Time to go online and look around! I always get Baker Creek, too. They have tons of things to grow. Also, Vermont Bean Seed Company and Native Seed S.E.A.R.C.H. in Tucson, Arizona sells heirloom seeds carried on for generations of Tohono O'Odom people. You wouldn't think anything could grow in a desert, but they do!

  3. I really like Hoss Tools for seeds, fertilizer and trays.Victory seeds is my favorite for dwarf varieties of tomatoes which I love to grow and they are working hard to preserve heirloom seeds.


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