Secrets of Mount Monadnock | Summary of relevant documents [Keyword] The most detailed

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Explore Pumpelly Cave, the Summit and Eagle’s Nest Instagram: Filmed on: Sony a6000, Canon G7X, DJI Mavic Pro Imp Photo credit: 0:00 Intro 1:53 Pumpelly Cave 3:58 Summit 4:20 Eagles Nest 5: 21 The rest 5:47 Behind the scenes

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Secrets of Mount Monadnock
Secrets of Mount Monadnock

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Secrets of Mount Monadnock.

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  1. Can you see the tall buildings of Boston like the Prudential Center? I use to work there when it was first built. They say you can see Monadnock from there but I was never able to id it.

  2. I'm going to that mountain real soon to camp at will my beautiful troop! They are opening up camping early just for my troop, can't wait!

  3. I know where the cave is located. I got there once with my summer camp group. Too bad its all burnt out now. It used tohave a nice bunkbed built into it. We also found a corn snake living in the frame of the bed.Camp was Camp Union / Otter Lake Conservation School i think in the summer (July or August) of 1976 or 77.

  4. I hiked Monadnock three times, great views. There was always is a crowd on top, you got lucky. I didn't know about the secrets.

  5. Cool video…im going tomorrow im gonna search for the cave…im pretty sure i know where it is

  6. I am now determined to find this location, already got a few hints From the video, going this week

  7. Great little video of the secrets. Thank you for making it. I was there with my brother two weeks ago. Wondering, did you find Mose's Spring, with its famous granite inscription, right behind the old half way house?


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