Secret Tunnels of Kauai (Kaapoko Tunnels) – Part 1 | Summary of the most detailed relevant contents [Keyword]

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Part 1 of 2 describing the “Secret Tunnels of Kauai” hike with a little extra mishap.

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Secret Tunnels of Kauai (Kaapoko Tunnels) - Part 1
Secret Tunnels of Kauai (Kaapoko Tunnels) – Part 1

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Secret Tunnels of Kauai (Kaapoko Tunnels) – Part 1.

secret tunnel hike kauai.

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22 thoughts on “Secret Tunnels of Kauai (Kaapoko Tunnels) – Part 1 | Summary of the most detailed relevant contents [Keyword]”

  1. Yup nice place but keep in mind it's a hunting zone I hunt in that trailer and ran into hikers and they were freaking out because u can hunt with guns in that trail that whole mountain is a hunting Zone.

  2. Next time go upstream immediately after the first tunnel but before entering the second tunnel. There is a huge Twin Falls that is even better than the waterfall at the end of the second tunnel!!!

  3. I haven't been since 2010, there could have been a collapse. There was evidence of past collapses that you had to climb around when I did it 2-3 years ago.

  4. I figured the light was long gone, and I was pretty.. "upset" is the nice word. However, just as I was about finished retracing my steps there it was; I was so excited that I found it the two mile hike back to the tunnel took no time at all.

  5. nice video, i did the tunnels over 10 years ago before it was popular. Me and the boys plan to do it again next week. This time on video. thanks for the refresher.

  6. @Denzera
    I'd love to hear about it, I'm not in Kauai as often as I would like to be, but it would be cool to add it to my list of things to do the next time I'm there.

  7. Incredible "tour" video, Steve. Loved all the detail and the editorial comments.

    If you're around Kauai often, I learned of a similar tunnel, one which you boogie-board through (it's about 1/2 full, barring rain, and flows steadily), which leaves you out at the beautiful Jacuzzi Falls. There's a quick one-mile hike over the ridge to get back. It starts a bit farther down the road beyond where you started this hike. I imagine you already know about it but let me know if you'd like detail.

  8. @skjos96
    Never mind, it looks like it took one of my address replies, there is no w ww, every line break is a forward slash and evey series of dots is just one dot.

  9. @5moker
    I tried again, but no matter how I break it up youtube gives me an "Error, Try again"

    web image host
    Secret Tunnel GPS Track Log………………gpx

  10. @KingofTownz
    With the proper water treatment, I use the 2 part chlorine dioxide treatment from Aquamira. It's small, light, relatively fast acting, kills most everything, and has no bad taste. A pump style water filter would also work fine. You may be OK with zero treatment, but why ruin a vacation with something that can easily handled.

  11. @skjos96 i know long posted message ,but if u want to add link u must leave the w ww for it
    nice vid

  12. @jammasta5
    This hike was great and I had a lot of fun, even though I lost my headlamp and had to put in some extra miles. It was not my typical journey; I'm usually climbing in the north cascades, so the jungle was a big departure.

  13. have done this hike 2 times now, got all the way to the end water fall yesterday, love this hike so much. At the water fall there is a 3rd tunnel you can go into that goes along the mountian side down the river then goes back into the mountian, the tunnel gets a lot smaller and the water is about neck high, it was really cool. I will do this hike everytime I come back to Kauai

  14. Hello there, Im 19 and i did this hike 2 years ago and i have yet to find anyone else that has done it! this was seriously i life changin hike for me and the guys i was with. we found all the tunnels and saw the water fall at the end. GREAT TRIP!


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