Search for "secret" TURTLE TUBS Hot Springs NEVADA | Overview of the most complete nevada hot springs documents

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Major Moxy Babylon searches somewhere in NEVADA for “secret” turtle tubs, aka Turtle Hot Springs with pancakes, bacon, and dip. Passing on his love and respect for the geothermal landscape to the next generation…as his father taught him

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Search for "secret" TURTLE TUBS Hot Springs NEVADA
Search for "secret" TURTLE TUBS Hot Springs NEVADA

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Search for "secret" TURTLE TUBS Hot Springs NEVADA.

nevada hot springs.

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  1. just the mention of Beautifully painted Claw Foot Tubs in the NEVADA desert~ never less any videos from popular Youtube influencers or 0 subscribers..of naturally beautiful upgraded Geothermal H2o "Turtle Tubs" AKA Aguas Termales De Tortugas ~on public lands Boils the " Moxy" {balls} of the hard working creators ..understandable . BuTT I found a cheeky way of showing the joy of enjoying NEVADAS BLM LANDS

  2. Unfortunately the real tubs will probably be gone the next time you venture out that way.. Makes me sad, but when I went a couple weeks ago, there was a warning notice from the BLM demanding removal of everything at the site by May 1st. I was out there May 2nd, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time until either the folks that built it or the BLM takes it down. Like another commenter, the wind was just absolutely unbelievable when I got there too. I only soaked for a short bit in the one tub that actually still kind of worked because the wind was just unbearable. I ended up camping at the other nearby hot spring (which I liked a lot more anyway) and waited out the wind there. Thankfully, quite a bit later, I got to enjoy a nice long soak when the temp dropped into the 30's overnight.

    I'm really happy I was able to find them before they're removed. I appreciated your original video, because it was enough of a last little breadcrumb I needed to put all the small pieces I had together. So thank you, even though your video was only up for a short time. I'll tell ya though, I don't know if I was as sad about the tubs needing to be removed or not having the ability to read and sign the log book. That had already been removed (most likely by the BLM I'm guessing). I think I'm more upset that I never got to make my own contribution to the log book, unfortunately. It definitely made the experience a bit anticlimactic, but I'm still fortunate to have got to experience it before it's relegated to the history books.

  3. I went here the other day-drove all the way from El Dorado County, by myself (I'm a female). The wind was like nothing I have ever experienced. I will tell you I was SCARED out of my Mind once the sun went down-I don't think I'll ever do this kind of thing again. I spent a year and a half trying to locate this place, when I did I planned my "great trip". $500 in gas later I only stayed for maybe an hour!!! I am disappointed in myself, after all that time searching on google maps and other clues it turned out not to be like the trip I thought it would be. The tubs were great and all, just to scared by myself, and I'm kind of a "sturdy" kind of gal (a Scorpio!) but this was too scary for me after dark, and again, the wind was unF#*cking believable, although I did fly my kite (made sure it did not "get loose" for the cows to find cause they can die from eating anything like that. I love all animals, but not necessarily all humans. Is that bad of me? Teena El Dorado county a.k.a. the animal meddler. p.s.- I left a small turtle made of rock that I found at an artist store and left on the bench-but forgot to sign book-(?).


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