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What is my username ?

What do I do if I ca n’t remember my password ?
How can I find my member ID act ?
Why does it say my membership expires on 1 December, 1969 ?
I just renewed my membership, why does it still say my membership has expired ?
How do I know if it is clock to renew my membership ?
If I ’ megabyte already a member, will my dues go up with the new system on 30 June ?
How do I get a certificate of membership ?
I ’ m modern to conservation skill and do not yet workplace in the conservation biology. Should I become an SCB Member or a supporter of SCB ? How can being a extremity avail me ?
What are the benefits to becoming a extremity of SCB ?
Regional Sections/Working Groups/Chapters:
Can I only join the section that I live or work in ?
I ’ thousand trying to join a section or Working Group, but when I click future, it doesn ’ metric ton add me to the section or Working Group. What should I do ?
How can I start an SCB chapter in my area ?
I wanted to change the Regional/Working Group I ‘m in. Is this possible ? How do I achieve this ?
I want to get more involved with SCB. How do I join a committee ?
How do I know when a Group or BOG election is happening ?
Can I subscribe to Conservation Biology for multiple years to get a discount like two and three year memberships ?

A : Your penis ID number is on your member home page. Just log in, and it is towards the bottom of the blue box on the right. here ’ s a diagram showing precisely where to find it .

A : This is a numeral proxy. Your exhalation date will update arsenic soon as SCB settles your payment information, which normally happens within 24 hours of your transaction ( unless it ’ s a weekend ) .

A : Your passing go steady will update angstrom soon as SCB settles your requital information, which normally happens within 24 hours of your transactions, unless it ’ s a weekend. If it ’ s a weekend, it will display your right exhalation date by Monday .

A : You can log in to the SCB Member Home Page to see when your membership is current through and if it needs to be renewed.

A : No ! You can join up to two Sections, neither of which needs to be the Section you live or exercise in. Feel free to join any section that is doing conservation work you are concern in .

A : When joining a section or Working Group, please make indisputable to click “ Add ” after you make the survival in the dropdown menu, before you click adjacent .

A : Email membership @ to get your security of membership to SCB .

A : You can go to the SCB Member Home Page to see any ongoing elections that you are eligible to vote in .

A : Please e-mail the committee professorship ( this information is available on the committee pages ) to find out more about joining a committee .


A : No, the fresh membership dues structure will alone impact newly and renewing members. Your dues will not go up until you renew your membership. If you are already a Lifetime member, the new membership structure will not affect you at all .

A : Yes, there is a 5 % rebate for subscribing to Conservation Biology for two years at a clock and a 10 % dismiss for subscribing for three years .

A : If you ’ re pursuing a career in conservation biology or preparing to pursue a career in conservation biology, being a member of SCB will allow you to meet other conservation professionals and may connect you with a mentor to help you get involved in conservation. If you are not presently working or planning to work in the sphere of conservation, but still support conservation or want to be involved in SCB in some way, becoming a supporter of SCB is an excellent manner to support the conservation of Earth ’ s biological diverseness .

A : There are numerous benefits including discounts on publications and conferences, access to our member expertness database, network and career opportunities. Please have a look at the numerous member benefits here .

A : Please go here for more information about how to start a local chapter .

A : Your username is the e-mail address that is associated with your SCB score .

A : You can reset your password. If you are calm having issues, please send an e-mail to : membership @
A : You can join as mainy working groups as you want, but can only join 2 regional sections. If you would like to see which ones you are in you can click here. You can change or delete the groups you are in by clicking the ‘add ‘ and ‘remove ‘ buttons to the proper of each group you are in .

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