consent to Collect, Use and Disclose of Personal Data
1 ) The Data Subject as the consent grantor ( Mr./Miss/Mrs. )
2 ) Personal Data Controller SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited ( SC ASSET ) ,
office located at number 1010 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak Sub-district, Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900

3 ) Purpose of collecting, using or disclosure of personal data
The Data Subject gives consent to SC ASSET and affiliated companies to collect, use or disclose the personal data as detailed in the copy of ID circuit board and house registration of the Data Subject, including data concerning income, address, telephone numbers and E-mail or Line ID, or any other information that the Data Subject delivered to and informed SC ASSET or affiliated companies in decree to use the datum for buy of houses, land, condominium units and any early products, including using any services related to the business and services of SC ASSET or affiliated company, including biological and biometric data, such as photography, motion picture, sound, data relating raceway, personal belief, religion or doctrine, sexual behavior, condemnable commemorate, health data, disability, tug union information, genetic information or any other information received by SC ASSET or affiliated in any form, or record of verbal interviews, or as given by the Data Subject in the questionnaire or via the electronical means, to collect, function or disclose personal data of the Data Subject for sake of analysis, work, development and using in the businesses and services of SC ASSET or affiliated companies, which could be beneficial for the Data subject and customers. SC ASSET will not disclose data with others, except fiscal institutions which requested by the Data Subject for loanword or any early fiscal institutions for the sake of request for loanword by the Data Subject, and SC ASSET clientele partners co-operated in the business of construction, decoration or providing any services participating in businesses of SC ASSET and affiliated ship’s company. Whereby, the Data Subject allow fiscal institutions or SC ASSET business partners to contact the Data Subject for any purpose in accord with the objectives of fiscal institutions and SC ASSET business spouse, including to offer services and products of fiscal institutions and SC ASSET commercial enterprise partners, including to analysis, research, create statistical data to improve and develop products and services. This besides includes station or transferring personal data to the destination country for all of the above purposes, or disclosure as required by the woo or by law .
4 ) duration of personal data collection

SC ASSET and affiliated companies will collect, use or disclose personal data throughout the period that the data national is still a extremity who buy house, land, condominium unit, or any other product, or use the service in SC ASSET businesses or affiliated companies, or other cases until the Data Subject seclude consent .
5 ) Notice of amendment of data or withdrawal of consent
The Data Subject may notify the amendment of decline personal data or withdrawal of accept at any time by written poster directed to the Company or e-mail : [ electronic mail protected ] or contact via phone at Call Center Number 1749. SC ASSET will complete the amendment and withdrawal within 30 days from notification, which the withdrawal of accept of the Data Subject, it may affect the use of services of SC ASSET and all related consort companies that being used by the Data Subject. The Data Subject will besides not receive information concerning personal veracious and benefits from SC ASSET and affiliated party including SC ASSET business partners.

6 ) contact the personal data officer
Internal Audit Division, Office No. 1010, Floor P13, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak Sub-district, Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900
e-mail : [ electronic mail protected ]