We booked through agoda and in truth thought it was a good bargain. Approx $ 50 sing dollars per night. All I can say is, I have been deceived by the web site. The pictures and reality are in truth different. service : When we reached, we were asked to give a physical copy of the engagement through agoda. We flashed the mail through our smart phones ‘ mail. The receptionist ‘s attitude ( female ) was atrocious ! She insisted on the physical copy and asked us at least 4 times for it. I think she did not understand NO or the carry through of shaking my head. She sighed in front of me ( as if I want to cheat the hotel of 4 nights stay of S $ 200 even though I had proof of my book ). She besides was very uncivil ( note of voice ) as she spoke in thai to her colleagues ( sort of complaining that we did not print the copy of the book ). In the end, she told her colleague to check from their computer. DUH right ? wholly LAME. ****** Please note that this is the first hotel I ‘ve stayed in that wants guests to sign an indemnity class that they will not be responsible for any of your belongings that is lost in the hotel. Which besides means that any of the staff can steal your stuff and get off with it. They besides will ask for 1,500B of lodge IN CASH ONLY. So train yourselves if you were to book this awful identify. ************ board : My dad works in Thai so I had him to GO DOWN PHYSICALLY to Sarita to ask for a QUEEN size bed as my hub and I merely got married and blasted eldritch if we were sleeping on 2 SINGLE BEDS.We booked SUPERIOR WITH BALCONY ( I think we paid more for the balcony ). She insisted that WE DID NOT INDICATE a baron size bed.WTF seriously. I told her my dad physically came down ( my dad was beside me ). She SIGHED AGAIN. And in the end she gave us a king size room.When we went into the room, issue 412, it was without the balcony. When I called reception, she asked me to go down to level 1. I went and she said “ King no balcony ”. I ‘m like how can it be right ? ? ? ? In the end we settled for a double layer with balcony as the condition of the 2nd board number 321 was in a SLIGHT better condition that the first. condition OF ROOMS : atrocious. OLD. Parquet floor was disgustingly dirty. Sheets had holes in them and stains. The wood was torn and tattered ( refer to my word picture ). The toilet has bath tubs but holy place cow ( see my review on bathrooms late ). television receiver reception was bad. Most of the channels are local thai channels. The balcony was pathetic, do n’t bother booking. Walls had drawings on it and black marks. Dust all over. WE WORE SLIPPERS IN THE ROOM BECAUSE IT WAS SO DIRTY. The parquet classify of “ pops ” ascribable to water seepage. toilet : IT WAS HORRIBLE. It comes with a tub but my hub and I cant even stand up straight because the shower fixed and you can only sit down and bathe ( or if uranium are a dwarf ). GOSH. The water flow was hot and cold. Making it impossible to bathe because the “ hot ” is besides extreme. You WILL get scalded. THE LAST STRAW : We got locked out of our own room TWICE. On the first and 2nd night. On the 2nd night, I was so annoyed that I called the person to come up ( they kept requesting us to go down to level 1 I do not know why ). I asked the bellboy why we kept get lock out.He said the card “ timed out ”. I asked “ what do you mean by fourth dimension out. It has happened doubly ! ”. He merely shrugged his shoulders and walked away. Hubs and I told ourselves that WE HAD TO MOVE ( even though we paid for 4 nights already ). We booked JOMTHEIN TWELVE equitable next to it.Though not the best but everything was better. Cleaner rooms, better channels, we could stand while bathing, water stream was coherent. It was basic – that ‘s all we were expecting. Gosh. My advice- DO NOT be deceived by the façade of this position. It is not deserving it.There are much better places in Jomthein to stay in. Oh yes, I happened to see the room next to me, king with balcony. even if it was in full booked, the least they could do is to switch when the following person checked out. HORRIBLE is indeed an understatement.