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In this Airstream Life vLog, we talk a bit about water conservation while dry camping. We don’t have access to showers here in Saratoga (unlike Planey FITNESS in Laramie), so we shower at Airstream. We know we only have a few more days without water or flushing, so that should be fine. We also talk about water conservation when washing dishes. We then headed to what Saratoga is known for, Hobo Hot Springs! These are free hot springs open 24/7. They were a bit more natural than some we’ve been to, but quite warm and relaxing on a rainy day. Last night in Saratoga! Saratoga Lake Campground: Want to Get Out? Talk to us? Join our Facebook group! Do you like our team? Buy from our Amazon store (affiliate): BLOG: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: ETSY: CONTACT:

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Saratoga Hot Springs & Water Conservation
Saratoga Hot Springs & Water Conservation

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Saratoga Hot Springs & Water Conservation.

saratoga hot springs.

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  1. Courtney … would love to see a clip of your knitting projects! We aren’t full-timers but one of my favorite things to do is to escape outside to our Airstream with either a cocktail or some wine, tune in to your channel, and crochet away… so relaxing. I bet you must come across some pretty cool local yarn shops or fiber festivals? Anyway, love your channel and your adventures. Hi to Steve, Penny, and Patti.

  2. Steve, did you use your GOPRO camera for the hot springs/underwater shots? I was considering getting one AND used your gear link to see which one you recommend/use. I saved it to my Amazon List and was wondering if you knew if I go back to that list & purchase it, it will still give you the kick-back for it, right? I don't really know how the affiliate link thing works exactly. Thanks!

  3. Hello hot springs friends👋 . Those pictures where awesome….underwater bubbles so cool😊😍

  4. Does your airstream track with your truck or is the wheel width wider on the Airstream? Do enjoy your videos.

  5. Was there something living in those hot springs. I couldn’t figure out if that was a critter or you were kicking up debris.

  6. Water shoes…I can't stand the feeling of the slime on my feet. Place looks great!! Naps and knitting sounds like a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  7. Looks like you had the hot springs all to yourselves. 😃Napping and knitting…great for a rainy afternoon. 👍🌧


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