▷ BEST info to visit SAMAE SAN island in 2022

truly beautiful, little-known, protect and access-restricted. These are the main characteristics of small Samae San island, located southeast of Bangkok, not far from the city of Pattaya .
Samae San island is so little-known that many Thais don’t even know it exists. If you search for it on the internet, you will find little information in English, although of course there are good articles in Thai. The Sunday that my father and I decided to visit the island, we were the only foreigners there .
Samae San is protected by the Royal Thai Navy, which manages the island and uses it as land for military exercises, without apparently affecting its ecosystem. The island is besides under a royal conservation plan that aims to protect the local flora and fauna. The island is completely undeveloped, and there is no construction other than a small military building .

… We were told foreigners are alone allowed to visit the island if accompanied by a Thai…

Access is restricted to a maximum of 500 people per day, although I badly doubt that on weekdays they receive more than a twelve visitors. besides, we were told that foreigners are not allowed unless accompanied by a Thai. I suppose, and I hope, that if they find some unaccompanied foreigners who have already made the feat to get to the pier, they might be flexible and let them visit the island… But that ’ second precisely my guess. The reason they gave us for this requirement is that they want to avoid communication problems between non-Thai speakers and the military who run the island. All staff who will welcome you, rent the snorkeling equipment and take you to see corals are friendly youthful soldiers .

Enjoying Koh Samae San

once you arrive on the island, a soldier will give you a short address to explain what activities can be done. They have organized a few different activities for the enjoyment of visitors, such as snorkeling -the most popular option-, taking a bicycle to explore the island or doing a little trekking. We chose snorkeling. First they equipped us with goggles and snorkel, then they took us to a nearby beach -the best on the island-, and there we jumped in a boat that took us to a beautiful coral area .
My expectations were high, but both the beach and the seabed were even better than I expected. The beach is long, with white sand and crystal clear water. The only build there is a small bite stripe, so the beach looks practically pure. All Thais, both men and women, bathed in T-shirts and shorts, but there was not a single girl in a bikini. They told us that it was forbidden … and that ’ s not storm considering the island is run by the military. Despite the undeniable fact that Thailand is besides known for arouse tourism, many Thais like to see themselves as a conservative club, and the military traditionally works to protect this trope. So no bikini on Samae San island !
The coral area they took us to was very well preserved, and there was a huge variety of colored sealife. a lot more than what is normally found in the most touristed Thai beach destinations .
It is possible to buy drinks and snacks on the island, and even some food, but the options are scarce. I would recommend not to visit Samae San on an empty stomach, and if you plan to have a full moon meal there, better bring your own food. Of course there are no ATMs .

How to get to Samae San Island

Getting to the island is not a square affair. It can only be reached by the army boats that depart from the jetty by the army quarters, in Sattahip. This is the exact location. There are 6 daily boat departures to Samae San, hourly from 9 ante meridiem to 2 p.m .

🕰️Boat hours

To the island : 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm

Return : 10:15 am. 11 : 15h, 12 : 15h, 13 : 15h, 14 : 15h, 15 : 15h, 16 : 15h, 17 : 15h
It is not possible to buy or book tickets in gain. In order to buy the tag you must go to the reception build up of the Natural History Museum ( see visualize below ), adjacent to Khao Mar Jor pier, get a queue numeral and wait your turn. The line up number can be collected from 7 am onwards .
From 8 am they start calling the numbers so that people go to the counter, pay the do and collect their gravy boat tickets. For the round trip, Thais pay 300 THB and foreigners 600 THB .
☎️ Contact numbers : 038-432473 and 038-432475 ( from 09.00 to 17.00 and probably only in Thai ) .
In short-circuit, getting to Samae San is quite complicated. So complicated that I wouldn’t recommend it for a first trip to Thailand. In this case, it might be better to choose other beach destinations as Krabi. But if you have already traveled a lot in Thailand, or if you live in Bangkok, then yes, Samae San can be a great day trip .

🚍 How to get to the Sattahip jetty

Khao Mar Jor pier, the Sattaahip breakwater from which boats go to Samae San, is located 16 kilometer souteast of Sattahip town, which in turn is 34 kilometer south of Pattaya. What makes more sense is to stay in Sattahip for at least one nox, and wake up early following day to visit Samae San island. But if you are in a rush, it is besides possible to visit Samae San as a day trip from Bangkok ( 180 kilometer ), particularly if you drive your own cable car.

Sattahip has batch of resorts and hotels, as it is a common weekend destination for domestic tourism .
To get from Bangkok to Sattahip you can take a Rayong adhere bus/van from Ekkamai Bus Terminal, get off at Sattahip Market, and there take a public songthaew ( two-row-bench cartridge ) to Khao Mar Jor pier. Of course it will be much easier if you drive your own vehicle .
Finally, we want to thank Aii ( Kullanit Wiwattanawarang ) from ‘ InThailand ’ office for discovering to us this little secret island 😉 ขอบคุณ ครับ !

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