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Why does salty food make you hungry and not thirsty?

It is a popular saying that salty food makes you thirsty. However, until now this has never been questioned by scientists. Aujourd’hui, un groupe de recherche international – composé d’employés du Center aérospatial allemand, du Center Max Delbrück de médecine molecularire, de la Charité et de l’Université Vanderbilt – s’est consacré à la question de savoir comment le sel affecte Body. The background was space travel, which depends on perfect nutrition and every drop of water.

  • As a result, a trip to Mars was simulated. Two groups of ten subjects were housed in a simulated spacecraft for 105 and 205 days, respectively. At first, all participants received the same food. Over time, however, the salt content of foods has gradually changed.
  • At first, nothing special happened. As expected, the participants were thirstier after a salty meal.
  • However, it didn’t last long. Soon after, the participants felt less thirsty but more hungry.
  • Urea was crucial for this, about which the scientists were able to gain completely new insights in this experiment. Urea ensures that water stays in the body by binding it to itself. In this way, urea removes sodium and chloride ions from the water, which would otherwise bind and be transported in the urine.
  • Instead of water, only salt enters the urine and is then excreted. The water that is essential for our survival, however, remains in the body.
  • However, this synthesis of urea with water seemed so exhausting that the participants felt more hungry than thirsty for salty foods.

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