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Propane cylinder caps for motorhomes

Do You Really Need RV Propane Cylinder Caps?

RV propane tank caps are pretty harmless. Usually made of hard, lightweight plastic, RV propane tank caps don’t seem to be all that important in keeping your RV’s propane system running smoothly.

In this article we will discuss what propane tank covers do and why you need them.

Why is it important to protect your propane cylinders?

RV propane tank covers are an important part of your RV. They not only give your propane tanks a sleek and stylish look, but also perform important protective functions for your propane tanks.

However, these covers aren’t just for making your tanks look good. RV propane tanks contain highly flammable propane gas. Propane cylinders and their valves are made of finely painted metal. Without protective covers, they get corroded and damaged by rain, snow, and flying debris from the road.

Corrosion and damage to propane tanks and valves can cause leaks and create a dangerous situation. Escaping propane gas is poisonous and can easily catch fire. The tank covers of your motorhome have an important protective function. Your RV’s tank covers should never be removed unless you’re adding or changing propane.

What are the best RV propane tank covers?

Below are some of the top rated propane tank covers available on Amazon.

East Propane Cylinder Caps The aforementioned propane caps have been known to fly off at times while traveling. The protective ability of the propane tank cap is greatly reduced when the cap is missing. While getting a new cap is easy, it’s always best to prevent a potential problem from occurring. A quick preventative tip is to drill a small hole in the hinged side of the lid. Then use a zip tie to attach it to the propane tank cap.

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