The Asus ROG X IKEA collab has ultimately been announced, and it ’ s given gamers around the global a lot to look forward to with the furniture collaboration. Let ’ s take a closer search at what the ROG X IKEA collaboration has to offer .

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ASUS ROG X IKEA With an estimated 2.5-billion gamers around the global, ROG and IKEA have recognized the interest in gaming now extends to all syndicate members and all rooms. The two brands have immediately come together to combine their first and complementary color design expertness to create products that make gaming at home plate more comfortable and more playfulness. Don ’ metric ton go rushing to your nearest IKEA just yet, because this alone collab will only be available to consumers in China arsenic early as February 2021, with the solicitation expanding to serve other markets by October 2021.

“ Gamers globally know and love the ROG brand and they trust it to deliver the most arouse bet on innovations in the market, ” “ Our new partnership with the experts at IKEA will allow ROG to find new and interest ways to delight gamers in and around the home. ” Kris Huang, General Manager of the ASUS Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit

ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR

“ With the rapid emergence of gaming market across the world and a fast growing number of people playing, IKEA is curious about how home furnishing could improve the gambling experience and life around it, ” “ By teaming up with ROG, IKEA wants to combine family furnishing cognition with ROG ’ sulfur expertness in creating exceeding bet on experiences. together, we set out to help the many gamers, and their families, welcome bet on home through developing a raw stove of low-cost and ergonomic bet on furniture and accessories, designed to increase performance while besides blending in beautifully to homes. ” Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace, IKEA

First up in the ROG X IKEA batting order, there ’ s a UPPSPEL stand desk where its height can be adjusted. It features a motorize height alteration system, and the back of the board besides has a cunt for your cables to run through the back. There ’ mho besides a new MATCHSPEL gambling electric chair that has adjustable height, headrest, and armrest besides .ASUS ROG X IKEAAsus ROG x IKEA There appears to be ROG theme floormats to keep your floors clean and protected from your gaming chairs ’ wheels. not entirely that, there ’ s besides matching gaming mousepads to go along with the whole aesthetic. As seen below, carrying the ROG Delta S is the LANESPELARE earphone stand. It doesn ’ t have any RGB lighting scheme to it, but it does have a wooden build with a metallic knob at the clear. The bet on part of the earphone besides has a knob for you to store and wind your cables when they ’ re not in use.

The ROG x IKEA collab besides introduced a raw black ROG themed UPPSPEL pegboards. It besides comes with extra theme hooks and straps to keep all your tools, peripherals in place .ASUS ROG X IKEA

To keep your drinks in place, and to clear some space on your desk, the LANESPELARE mug/cup holder uses a screw-in mechanism to attach itself to the edge of the table. It besides has a cutout on the front to allow for handles to fit in nicely. To place snacks, tissues, or foods, there ’ south besides a side cabinet with two drawers, and one outdoors compartment. It besides seems that the cabinet will come with a earphone hook to allow you to hang your headphones on the side of the cabinet. bang-up ! Advertisement. Scroll to continue read .ASUS ROG x IKEA Collaboration Impresses With Affordable Gaming Furniture 32ASUS ROG X IKEA

For mobile streamers, ROG x IKEA besides prepared a phone stand that has a built-in ring light to not only your phone for your livestreams, but to besides give you the extra fall to improve your looks. For your bet on mouse, the collab besides featured a minimalist mouse bungee to keep your mouse cable off the table to prevent any haul.

last, there ’ s the comfort pillows which include a neckrest pillow, angstrom well as a cushion pillow that has pockets for you to warm your hands in.

These furniture expect amazing, and it will decidedly add aesthetics points to any gambling room. Gaming has seen monumental growth over the years, and we ’ rhenium in truth excited to see these furnitures from the ROG x IKEA collab. One thing ’ s for surely, we can ’ metric ton delay to make a stumble to IKEA once these become available .