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Version 1.9.1 of rippled, the reference waiter implementation of the XRP Ledger protocol, is now available. This release includes several significant fixes, including a repair for a synchronize emergence from 1.9.0, a new fix amendment to correct a bug in the newly Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFTs ) code, and a new amendment to allow multi-signing by up to 32 signers .

Action Required

This acquittance introduces two newfangled amendments to the XRP Ledger protocol. These amendments are now exposed for voting according to the XRP Ledger ‘s amendment process, which enables protocol changes following two weeks of > 80 % support from trusted validators .
If you operate an XRP Ledger server, then you should upgrade to translation 1.9.1 within two weeks, to ensure service continuity. The claim fourth dimension that protocol changes take effect depends on the vote decisions of the decentralized network .
The fixNFTokenDirV1 amendment fixes a tease in code associated with the NonFungibleTokensV1 amendment, so the fixNFTokenDirV1 amendment should be enabled first base. All validator operators are encouraged to configure amendment vote to oppose the NonFungibleTokensV1 amendment until after the fixNFTokenDirV1 amendment has become enabled. For more information about NFTs on the XRP Ledger, see NFT Conceptual Overview.

The ExpandedSignerList amendment extends the ledger ‘s built-in multi-signing functionality so that each tilt can contain up to 32 entries rather of the stream limit of 8. additionally, this amendment allows each signer to have an arbitrary 256-bit data airfield associated with it. This datum can be used to identify the signer or provide other metadata that is useful for organizations, smart contracts, or other purposes .

Install / Upgrade

On support platforms, see the instructions on install or update rippled .


This release contains the following features and improvements .

New Features and Amendments

  • Introduce fixNFTokenDirV1 Amendment – This amendment fixes an off-by-one error that occurred in some corner cases when determining which NFTokenPage an NFToken object belongs on. It besides adjusts the constraints of NFTokenPage changeless checks, so that certain erroneousness cases fail with a suitable erroneousness code such as tecNO_SUITABLE_TOKEN_PAGE rather of failing with a tecINVARIANT_FAILED error code. ( # 4155 )
  • Introduce ExpandedSignerList Amendment – This amendment expands the utmost signer list size to 32 entries and allows each signer to have an optional 256-bit WalletLocator field containing arbitrary data. ( # 4097 )
  • Pause online deletion rather than canceling it if the server fails health check – The server stops performing on-line deletion of honest-to-god daybook history if the server fails its internal health control during this time. Online deletion can now resume after the server recovers, quite than having to start over. ( # 4139 )

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Fix performance issues introduced in 1.9.0 – Readjusts some parameters of the ledger learning engine to revert some changes introduced in 1.9.0 that had adverse effects on some systems, including causing some systems to fail to sync to the network. ( # 4152 )
  • Improve Memory Efficiency of Path Finding – Finding paths for cross-currency payments is a resource-intensive operation. While that remains true, this fix improves memory custom of pathfinding by discarding trust telephone line results that can not be used before those results are amply loaded or cached. ( # 4111 )

  • Fix incorrect CMake behavior on Windows when platform is unspecified or x64 – Fixes handle of platform selection when using the cmake-gui instrument to build on Windows. The generator expects Win64 but the GUI alone provides x64 as an option, which raises an error. This fix lone raises an error if the chopine is Win32 rather, allowing the generation of solution files to succeed. ( # 4150 )
  • Fix test failures with newer MSVC compilers on Windows – Fixes some cases where the API handler code used string cursor comparisons, which may not work correctly with some versions of the MSVC compiler. ( # 4149 )
  • Update minimum Boost version to 1.71.0 – This spill is compatible with Boost library versions 1.71.0 through 1.77.0. The build configuration and documentation have been updated to reflect this. ( # 4134 )
  • Fix unit test failures for DatabaseDownloader – Increases a timeout in the DatabaseDownloader code and adjusts unit tests so that the code does not return specious failures, and more data is logged if it does fail. ( # 4021 )
  • Refactor relational database interface – Improves code comments, identify, and organization of the module that interfaces with relational databases ( such as the SQLite database used for tracking transaction history ). ( # 3965 )



The public informant code repository for rippled is hosted on GitHub at hypertext transfer protocol : // .
We welcome contributions, big and small, and invite everyone to join the community of XRP Ledger developers and help us build the Internet of Value.


The trace people contributed immediately to this liberation :

  • Devon White
  • Ed Hennis
  • Gregory Popovitch
  • Mark Travis
  • Manoj Doshi
  • Nik Bougalis
  • Richard Holland
  • Scott Schurr

For a real-time view of all life contributors, including links to the commits made by each, please visit the “ Contributors ” department of the GitHub repository : hypertext transfer protocol : // .
We welcome external contributions and are excited to see the broader XRP Ledger community continue to grow and thrive .

Please see a more comprehensive list of the most detailed and complete is Dennis Point Campground MD.

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