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Fuel Service Charge. Most rentals come with a full tank of fuel, but that is not always the event .
Where available, if permitted by law, if you drive less than 75 miles, you acknowledge that we will add a bland fee to the lease, the amount of which will be disclosed on the Rental Contract and at the counter prior to rental. You may avoid this charge at clock time of reappearance by providing a receipt for fuel purchased at which time the flat tip will be reversed from your full rental charges. If this subparagraph ( a ) does not apply, there are three refueling options :
1) If you do not accept the fuel serve option, where available, at the begin of your lease, and you return the car with less fuel than was in it when you received it, as we determine in our lone free will, we will charge you a fuel serve charge at the applicable pace per-mile or rate per-gallon specified on the Rental Contract or disclosed at the localization. The per-mile rate is used if you do not buy fuel during the rental. To calculate this amount, we multiply the count of miles drive, as shown on the car ’ randomness odometer ( or provided by the vehicle ‘s telematics device ), times the per-mile rate shown on the Rental Contract. The per gallon rate is used if you buy fuel during the lease and provide us with a receipt on our request, but the tank is not as wax when you return the car as when you received the car ( by using the factory installed gauge, rounded down to the nearest 1/8 tank ), times the per-gallon pace shown on the Rental Contract.

Although two methods are used for ease of calculation, the per mile and per-gallon rates produce approximately the lapp result. Some of our cars are equipped with onboard telematics which record the actual amounts of fuel in the gas cooler. In the event your car has such a device, you will be charged for the actual sum of gasoline needed to fill the tank car based on the reading of this device .
2) If you accept the fuel serve option at the beginning of your rental, you will be charged as shown on the Rental Contract for that buy and you will not pay us a fuel serve charge. If you choose this option, you will not incur an extra fuel military service charge, but you will not receive any credit for fuel left in the tank at the time of return. If you accept the partial fuel avail option at the beginning of your rental, you will be charged as shown on the Rental Contract for that purchase and you will pay a fuel service tear for any fuel not covered by the partial fuel service option. The per-gallon cost of the fuel service option will constantly be lower than the fuel service agitate. The cost of refueling the cable car yourself at a local anesthetic serve place may be lower than the fuel service blame or the fuel serve choice. You acknowledge that the fuel military service load is not a retail sale of fuel .
3) You may avoid a fuel serve charge if you return the car with the fuel cooler angstrom full as when you received it and, if requested by us, present a receipt for your fuel leverage. If you put fuel into the car, you must use the correct fuel ( having the grade of gasoline stated on the car fuel information decal, or on-road diesel ). Do not use ethyl alcohol fuel even if the car states that it is a flex-fuel vehicle.

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