Remington hotsprings part 1 | Summary of relevant contents [Keyword] The most detailed

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Remington hotsprings part 1
Remington hotsprings part 1

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Remington hotsprings part 1.

remington hot springs.

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  1. If it wasn’t for this video I would’ve never found the Hot Springs well I can’t say never I had family that lived in Bodfish i’ve been following you for seven years now thank you so much for this video I hope one day that we can meet I’d love to meet those pointers of yours I just put down my pointer

  2. I used to go there several times a week, back then in the 80's it was only known to few and mostly locals. The rectangular tub was the only tub and it could be so tranquil. Often I would spend most of my visit at the small warm spring just above it. The internet has ruined the experience as far as I am concerned plus auto break ins at the parking area.


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