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“Mushroom of Immortality”: This is the name Reishi is known in China. In its country of origin, Japan, it has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. Read here how Vital Mushroom works and how you can use it.

Multipurpose medicinal mushroom: Reishi

Not only do they enrich the menu in terms of flavor, but some can also have a positive effect on health: mushrooms. In Asia, its healing powers have been used for a long time and it also has a place in Western medicine. Penicillin, for example, is made by mold. During the rise of natural remedies and superfoods, interest in medicinal mushrooms from the Far East has increased dramatically. The focus is, among other things, on Reishi, also known as gloss lacquer polypore. In Japanese mushroom medicine, it is said to have an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect on the immune system. It is also said to stimulate metabolism and thus aid in weight loss, relieve allergies, and protect the liver. In Japan, the mushroom extract is even approved as an anticancer drug. It is taken in the form of capsules, tea, coffee or powder.

This is how Reishi can be used in the kitchen

If the dosage and the origin of the products are correct – preferably organic – experts believe that there is nothing to say against the use of medicinal mushrooms. However, Reishi is not suitable as an edible mushroom: it tastes too bitter and hard. The powder, on the other hand, can be used as an ingredient for drinks and homemade sweets. As Reishi is said to have a calming and balancing effect in addition to the properties already mentioned, it can enrich a nightcap. A well-known example is the night of the moon, a night of vache chaud or à base de plants avec des épices, du honey, des herbes saines et ce qu’on appelle un adaptogène: une substance végétale dont on dit qu’elle augmente la stress resistance. In addition to Reishi, this also includes ginseng, for example.

Does Reishi have side effects?

Like all natural remedies, Reishi can also have side effects. Residues such as pesticides, which can sometimes be found in conventionally grown Chinese mushrooms, can be particularly problematic. Reishi products also differ in their content of active ingredients, so you should always follow the dosage instructions on the package. If there are no such indications, it is better to give up enjoyment. By the way, you are on the safe side with Reishi powder from the pharmacy. Dry storage in the home is important so the dust does not develop harmful mold toxins.

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