Reese River aka Valley of the Moon Hot Spring | Overview of the most detailed nevada hot springs contents

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Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #458 Adventure Date: 12/08/20 Seeing a natural hot spring that’s been on my bucket list for a while…but for some reason never made it! Support me on Patreon: Or help fuel my next trip: Buy me dinner: Merchandise: Recommended gear: 2020 Calendar: Credits: Kevin MacLeod Research Licensed Creative Commons Attribution (Source: Artist: wonderhussy, wonder hussy, hot spring, hot springs nevada, natural hot springs, reese river hot springs, moon valley hot springs

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Reese River aka Valley of the Moon Hot Spring

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Reese River aka Valley of the Moon Hot Spring.

nevada hot springs.

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  1. That's awesome!
    I can't imagine big black bugs out in the desert …
    In the Midwest, we just have bees and mud daubers…
    An excellent video …
    Keep up yer good werk 👊

  2. watching your videos I learn things, I had to look up a seldom used word; at 11:45 you use the word 'assiduous' meaning diligent or meticulous then about your rant on triangles; yes why, why, why are your 'dots' and 'round things' such a big deal?

    Yes, our first parents ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and lost their innocents, they went from being naked and unashamed to being afraid and ashamed to walk and talk with God in the garden. So now if a man sees your dots, round things, and lovely lady lumps he'll go through otherwise inexplicable physiological changes so powerful not every fella can deal with it and you already know all about that being a Vegas Show Girl .. it's a guy thing.

    You, though, have a face and personality that like an unregulated boiling hot hot spring would to a man become way too powerful, overwhelming, devastating to this physiological/psychological state if not for those troublesome triangles.

    I remember the first time I saw porn, Larry Keen brought his dad's playboy to school in the fourth grade, in the boy's room he was showing us breath taking pictures that affected me for the rest of my life. I thank God for the Sunday School classes that taught me all about the design built into why boys are boys and girls are girls or I may have gone off into a destructive deviancy. You may know that deviancy is self destructive and deadly now-a days with STDs and killing of unwanted pregnancies

    I live in the desert too and love the hotsprings of Idaho and hope to see any videos you make of the uncommercialized springs around here in the National Forests
    Skinny dipping was something we did but the Park Ranger said it was only legal 1000' off the roadway. When we skinny dipped we did it 'boys only' to stay out of unintended serious consequences. I looked for your email but can't find it. I see your PO Box so I can send you stuff, I love your personality and am fascinated with your poking around old silver and gold mines which there are in Idaho too. So I hope you stay productive


  3. "Your the Sauce All over the top of the Awesomeness"….
    Much 💗👊🏻😎🙏🏻
    Always Respect…

  4. I was gonna ask why u don’t take your dog with bubonic your trips. Then, low and behold, upon spotting that stinky poop, u answered my question! 👍 😉 💕

  5. Hello Wonderhussey, we had a chance to go up and visit Bridgeport, Ca around the end of August. We got to stay at a Log cabin house on about 700 acres. It was totally awesome. Of course, we went to Lee Vining and got our Mobil Hats like yours and we did look for you at some of the gas stations we stopped at, but I think you had already headed up to Oregon. It was fun driving the 395 Hwy. And as always love your videos. Video friends Dave and Sandi (still hope to run into you sometime) Your followers in Joshua Tree, Ca

  6. I was hoping to see the Reese River Steamboat in the background but certainly can't fault you for that. Kudos for exploring the spots I missed when I had my chance.

  7. I try so hard not to be a creeper, Sarah Jane, but I just can't not say that I'll bet you smell wonderful.

  8. Hey Sarah….have you heard of the giants from Lovelock Cave, Nevada….Im sure you have…dont you think it would be cool to do a video or two about the giants….I saw a doc about it and it said the Smithsonian covered up their existence for decades… more government cover up chit…you could investigate…maybe very interesting….stay. safe out there Sarah !!!

  9. hi dear, let me ask… you go very often to rivers and springs, but I haven't never seen you swimming… can you swim?

  10. Thank you so much for your channel. I love your curiosity, enthusiasm and pure joy for everything you see. It always brings a smile to my face. Keep up the great work!


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