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Pure nature: this motto summarizes in a few words the principle of raw nutrition. Food arrives at the table in the most natural state possible. Read what exactly this means.

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Raw foods must be alive and not “boiled to death.” This does not mean that everything arrives at the table cold, but the food should not be heated above approximately 40°C. Therefore, boiling, baking, baking, steaming, roasting, grilling, or frying are no longer used as preparation methods. The raw diet is based on fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, mushrooms, herbs, seeds and sprouts, which are combined in a raw salad, for example. Those who do not follow a raw vegan diet also incorporate fish and meat into their dishes, whether raw or cold-smoked. Raw vegetarians skip it, but appreciate raw milk, raw milk cheese, and eggs.

Benefits of the raw food diet

To process or preserve food, raw foodists use dehydrators, graters and slicers, sprouters, and blenders. They use it to make dried fruit, nut butter, and plant-based milk, and lactic acid-fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are also popular menu items. These gentle processes are intended to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, and unsaturated fatty acids, especially in fruits and vegetables, making whole foods even more valuable to the body. At the same time, the consumption of undesirable substances that can occur when food is heated is avoided, according to representatives of the raw diet.

Who is this form of natural nutrition suitable for?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with eating raw food, but some people have digestive problems if they only eat raw food overnight for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because the “primary food” is more difficult for the body to use than cooked food. This can not only cause swelling, but also reduce the so-called bioavailability of nutrients. Critics see in this the danger of malnutrition. Harmful substances such as plant poisons (toxic substances that the plant itself forms to protect itself from predators) and germs are only destroyed during cooking. Therefore, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends not to switch the menu completely to raw foods. However, a certain ratio is healthy and can be easily implemented with simple raw food recipes. A mixed salad, vegetable sticks with sauces as a simple appetizer or a smoothie are popular examples.

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