Rakuten Insight Review: How It Works & How Much It Pays

Rakuten Insight Review Some links on our web site are sponsored, and we may earn money when you make a purchase or sign-up after clicking. Learn more about how we make money and read our recapitulation methodology Rakuten is a japanese megacorp that operates an array of on-line businesses, most notably rakuten.co.jp ( a popular e-commerce shop ), and Rakuten.com ( one of the biggest and most respect cash-back shopping apps ). Rakuten Insight is one of the newer brands in its portfolio. A consumer market research locate, it pays users for completing short surveys — similar to long-familiar platforms like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks. In this Rakuten Insight review, we ’ ll go over the details about the pros and cons of the site, including how much you can expect to make based on our testing.



We tested Rakuten Insight for a month, completing 13 surveys for total earnings of $ 4.01. Based on the time it took to complete these surveys, our per-hour earnings came out to $ 9.62, making Rakuten Insight one of the best-paying review sites we ’ ve reviewed. unfortunately, your earning electric potential may be limited by the first gear number of surveys available. Pros :

  • Operated by a well-respected ball-shaped caller .
  • Quick, highly relevant surveys with a depleted disqualification rate .
  • Outstanding pay on a per-hour basis compared to early survey sites .

Cons :

  • very low inventory of surveys ( less than one per day during our testing ) .
  • No sign-up bonus ( though you ‘ll earn a few points for completing the profile questionnaire ) .
  • The $ 5 cash-out minimum is low, but can take a while to reach given the limited count of surveys .

Join Rakuten Insight

Rakuten Insight: The Basics

Below is some of the most authoritative information about getting started on Rakuten Insight. You can besides jump directly to the section on our Rakuten Insight earnings or our concluding thoughts on the platform.

Five Key Facts about Rakuten Insight

  1. Rakuten Insight is operated by Rakuten Group, the same company that runs the popular cash-back platform/browser extension of the same name. (Read our Rakuten review to learn more.)
  2. After signing up, you’ll complete a comprehensive personal profile about your demographic information. This allows Rakuten Insight to match you to relevant surveys.
  3. Rakuten Insight is transparent; you can view a log of every survey you’ve attempted and every point you’ve earned. 
  4. If you want access to more surveys, you can turn on “cookie tracking” in the optional settings menu. 
  5. You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or PayPal transfers directly to your account in $5 increments. 

Completing Your Member Profile

The inaugural thing you ’ ll want to do after signing up is dispatch your penis profile. This pace alone earns you five points. While you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forced to give any information you don ’ metric ton want to, you ’ ll only access the maximal number of surveys if you do. You ’ ll besides earn 50 points as a bonus for completing your profile. There are five sections in the member profile : Basic, Household, Vehicle, Work and Health. Each section has between three and 10 basic questions — or more, depending on your answer to previous questions. ( For model, if you answer that you have a cable car, it will then ask for the make, exemplar and class. ) Make sure to navigate to the Member Profile area and complete these sections; without doing so, you won’t qualify for many surveys.Make sure to navigate to the Member Profile area and complete these sections; without doing so, you won’t qualify for many surveys. While some questions might feel incursive ( such as questions about your income level, sensitive health conditions and the birthdays of your children ), on average they ’ re no more invasive than any other survey site. What I loved about completing this profile was that I rarely had to answer these kinds of questions again. With many other review sites, you ’ re required to spend a few minutes per surveil filling out the same demographic data over and over. On Rakuten Insight, this is only necessary when you ’ re offered a third-party survey ( as opposed to a survey offered directly by Rakuten ). These third-party surveys are a minority of what you ’ ll be invited to complete, so this results in a meaning time savings.

Taking Surveys

I tested Rakuten Insight for a full calendar month. In that clock, I received 18 survey invitations, which averages out to less than one per day. Some days I was offered two or three surveys to complete, and one day I was offered four ; on the other hand, there were many stretches with no surveys available for days. The surveys offered were on a assortment of topics, from health to cable car accessories to politics. I never spent more than three minutes per survey, which was a pleasant surprise. On the unharmed, the surveys were interest and painless.

Accepting Cooking Tracking

A few days before my testing calendar month ended, I discovered an out-of-the-way fix that promised to deliver more surveys : cookie tracking.

When toggling this set on, the chopine offers a helpful pop up that explains precisely what you ’ ra agreeing to. specifically, that ’ s letting Rakuten Insight know which advertisements you ’ ve been shown on-line. The pop-up book besides reminded me I could opt out at any time. Allowing tracking may result in more surveys. Rakuten explains exactly what you’re agreeing to. unfortunately, I didn ’ t see any difference in the number of surveys I was offered before and after allowing tracking. In the three days I had tracking enabled, I received just two survey invitations, which is what I ’ d expected from the locate ahead.

Our Rakuten Insight Earnings

After a month ’ s worth of testing Rakuten Insight, I didn ’ triiodothyronine earn enough to meet the minimum cash-out sum of $ 5. That said, I spent less than a half-hour taking surveys in entire, so it didn ’ thymine feel like a thriftlessness of time.

  • My total earnings: $4.01
  • My earnings per hour: $9.62

I was able to complete 13/18 attempted surveys, equalling a 28 % disqualification rate. On one occasion, I incidentally closed my browser and wasn ’ thymine allowed to continue.

Advertised Time to Complete Actual Time to Complete Potential Point Value Points Earned
1 min 1 min 2 pts 2 pts
5 mins 2 mins 30 pts 30 pts
2 mins 1 min 30 pts 1 pt (DQ)
5 mins 1 min 30 pts 30 pts
20 mins 2 mins 70 pts 1 pt (DQ)
10 mins 3 mins 40 pts 1 pt (DQ)
1 min 2 mins 30 pts 30 pts
1 min 1 min 30 pts 30 pts
3 mins 2 mins 30 pts 30 pts
2 mins 3 mins 30 pts 30 pts
2 mins 1 min 30 pts 30 pts
3 mins 2 mins 30 pts 30 pts
20 mins 1 min 70 pts 1 pt (DQ)
1 min 1 min 30 pts 30 pts
1 min 1 min 30 pts 30 pts
1 min 1 min 10 pts 10 pts
5 mins 1 min 50 pts 0 pts (UE)
1 min 2 mins 30 pts 30 pts

* DQ = disqualification. UE = user error. It took me 29 days to earn 401 points. At that rate, I would need to take every available survey for 36 days to reach the $ 5 brink. That means you could earn approximately $ 50 in Amazon give cards or PayPal transfers in one class, assuming a coherent rate of view invitations. With that said, one of the locate ’ south biggest selling points is the brevity of the surveys offered. While it would take 36 days to reach the minimum cash-out based on the datum I collected, the time investment amounts to precisely a couple of minutes per surveil. For exercise, I earned 401 points in just 25 minutes of survey-taking. That works out to an hourly rate of $ 9.62 — an incredibly high pay rate among survey sites.

Survey Notifications and Tracking

By default option, Rakuten Insight sends you an e-mail presentment whenever a survey is available : Example of a Rakuten Insight email notification.Example of a Rakuten Insight email notification. Because surveys were sent so infrequently during my test, I appreciated these notifications. They meant that I didn ’ t have to check my splashboard every day and only had to sign in when I had questions to answer. In contrast, some survey sites bombard you with multiple notifications per hour, leading most users to disable them. I besides liked the log of surveys the web site kept for me. I could see every survey I ’ five hundred attempted in the “ Complete ” section of the “ Survey ” check. In a freestanding localization, I could see a log of every bespeak I ’ d earned under the “ Reward History ” yellow journalism. It meant I never wondered if I ’ five hundred been wasting my time, which I sometimes feel when using other paid sketch sites. Our Rakuten Insight survey log.Our Rakuten Insight survey log.

Getting Paid

When you ’ re quick to get paid, you ’ ll want to first check your entire points. Rakuten Insight offers a identical simpleton points system, where 100 points = $ 1. This means you never have to do complicated mathematics to figure out how a lot you earn. When you complete a survey for 30 points, you know you earned 30 cents. There are presently only two options for cashing out your points, but they ’ ra democratic enough to satisfy most users. Whether you want to redeem your points with PayPal or via an Amazon endow card, you need to accumulate 500 points to earn the minimal to cash out of $ 5. Unlike Rakuten ’ s cash-back portal site — which pays out mechanically every quarter with no options for early withdrawal — you won ’ thymine have to wait months to receive your rewards. Rakuten Insight pays out on a hebdomadally schedule, and there ’ s a line in the reward denounce number when the future manner of speaking will be. Rakuten Insight payout options.Rakuten Insight payout options. unfortunately, I can ’ triiodothyronine offer my first-hand feel with the Rakuten Insight cash-out process. After a fully calendar month of testing and taking every survey I was assigned, I distillery didn ’ t have the minimum of 500 points.

Rakuten Insight Alternatives

The Ways To Wealth staff very likes reviewing paid surveil sites, and we ’ ve tested more than 50 of them. If you ’ re waiting for more Rakuten Insight surveys to roll in, these alternatives are deserving checking out.

  • Swagbucks has a huge inventory of surveys, and while the pay rate isn’t as good as Rakuten Insight, it’s still among the best in the paid survey industry. Swagbucks also offers quick and easy cash-out options, as well as additional ways to make money (such as by completing offers). Learn more in our Swagbucks review.
  • Survey Junkie also has a stellar reputation and more than 5 million members. It consistently gets good reviews from users for its easy-to-use site, reliable cash-out process and never-ending stream of surveys to take. Learn more in our Survey Junkie review.
  • Prolific is a UK-based survey site that pays a minimum of $6.50 per hour. Since it mostly caters to academic institutions, the surveys are usually quite interesting. It only allows PayPal transfers to cash-out, but after three payments it’ll do transfers instantly. Unfortunately, the platform almost always has a waiting list for participants.
  • User Interviews is the best-paying online market research platform we’ve ever reviewed. When we tested the site, we earned an average of $55 per hour. The big downside is that the feedback sessions and focus groups offered on the site require advance scheduling and usually take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Learn more in our User Interviews review.

Rakuten Insight FAQ

Are the points you earn the same as Rakuten Rewards points? No. Rakuten Insight is however another player in the Rakuten ecosystem, but it ’ s not connected to the company ’ south reward points plan or the Rakuten credit card. Do Rakuten Insight points expire? Yes. According to the company ’ s terms of service, they reserve the right to cancel points if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate logarithm in for 365 days. Where is the Rakuten Insight member login page?  This can be catchy to find. You ’ ll need to type “ member.insight.rakuten ” and then your country-specific top-level world suffix. That means you ’ ll type “ member.insight.rakuten.us ” if you ’ re in the United States, “ member.insight.rakuten.fr ” if you ’ re in France, etc. Does Rakuten Insight offer a mobile app? Yes, but only for Android devices. No io app is presently available. Does Rakuten Insight have a referral program? Yes. Rakuten Insight launched its referral course of study — called “ Invite & Earn ” — in January 2022. eligible members can earn bonus points when their referrals sign up, complete their profile and stay active for one month.

however, you must be invited to join the broadcast, and the company does not list the criteria that leads to an invitation — they merely outline the general eligibility requirements.

It ’ s besides ill-defined how much you can earn through the broadcast. When Invite & Earn launched, Rakuten Insight published a blog post outlining a convolute bonus structure. unfortunately, that post has been removed and no extra information about referral amounts is presently available.

Rakuten Insight Review Summary and Final Thoughts

Rakuten insight is legit, barren, and one of the best-paying survey sites we ’ ve tested. however, while the pay-per-hour is substantially higher than its lead competitors, the stock of available surveys is a lot lower, limiting your overall gain potential.

still, Rakuten Insight feels like a new musician in the U.S. on-line survey scenery that ’ s about to explode. It already bills itself as “ the one-stop shop for asian market inquiry ” with a bombastic bearing in Japan, India, China, Korea, Malaysia and more. The company has decades of have dishing up surveys and brand research. now, they ’ re turning their eyes towards the United States. The web site offers a clean interface, a moo minimal withdrawal sum, relationships with Amazon and PayPal for cash-out clock, and an excellent hourly rate. These facts combined make it one of the better options available when you ’ rhenium looking for ways to make money on-line with surveys.


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