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Fancy a nice evening with cheese? Raclette is the ideal solution to bring together all tastes and all diets at the same table! But how much special cheese should you charge per person? We give you tips on how to buy the right amount!

Cheese consumption per capita

Do all your guests eat cheese? So you should sort them a bit by the size of the stomach. Big eaters will eat up to 250g of cheese per person in a raclette. When shopping, remember that you can also freeze the classic raclette cheese. To avoid bottlenecks from hot pans, it’s best to put a stock in the fridge.

Golden Rule :

200-250 g of cheese/person for the raclette.

the good

What cheese is perfect for raclette? It’s actually quite simple: the lightly spiced classic Swiss raclette cheese is, of course, the most suitable. You can buy it prepackaged or order it fresh at the cheese counter. If you’re expecting a lot of guests, it’s worth booking!

The traditional type of cheese melts very well and is usually cut to a suitable size and thickness. Depending on what ingredients you plan to use, this variety is ideal. During your shopping, expect half of the cheeses offered to be of the traditional variety!

Grated, sliced, scrambled?

If you have a lot of fruit or ham among the other ingredients, even a goat cheese spread works well on the menu! If you are not sure which cheese is right for your offer, you can also choose, in addition to the traditional cheese, a spicy grated mountain cheese, a creamy goat or sheep cheese and a softer Camembert. So you have variety on the table!

How much cheese you need and the quantity also depends on the consistency. Generally, you need less grated cheese, but if you’re cutting mozzarella, the slices need to be thicker. If children eat, the proportion of grated cheese should be high for the little ones, it’s the most fun!

kitchen bill:

  • 200-250g/person

Starting since:

  • 50% classic raclette cheese
  • Grated mountain cheese 20%
  • 30% other varieties

Types of cheese for raclette

These varieties are particularly suitable for raclette:

  • cheddar cheese
  • butter cheese
  • Blue cheese
  • mountain cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • feta or goat cheese
  • raclette cheese
  • emmental

vegan alternatives

Also consider people who follow a vegan diet or who are intolerant to dairy. There are more and more vegan alternatives to cheese on the market. There are also variants designed specifically for fusion.

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