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Purple asparagus – origin

You can usually find white or green asparagus in the market.

  • Purple asparagus are rarer. It is not a special variety.
  • In contrast, purple asparagus is nothing more than white asparagus that was harvested later.
  • When the asparagus crosses the ground, first the head and then the skin turn purple. The masts are protected from UV rays by coloring.
  • Purple Speidel was once considered inferior. It is now enjoyed as a delicacy due to its intense, nutty and slightly sweet flavor.
  • Purple asparagus not only tastes particularly good, but is even healthier than green or white asparagus.
  • This is due to the higher antioxidant content compared to other asparagus.

Preparation: There is no difference in cooking.

When preparing purple asparagus, you do not have to pay special attention to anything.

  • If you peel the asparagus, it will be white under the skin. Especially the asparagus tips contain many healthy ingredients.
  • To preserve this, you should generally not overcook the asparagus; this doesn’t just apply to purple asparagus.
  • By the way, you benefit the most from healthy ingredients when roasting asparagus.
  • When cooking, many vitamins are transferred to the cooking water, which you don’t have to throw away, but which can be used to make asparagus soup, for example.

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