There is a floor behind “ Proud Phuket ”, and it is that of the childhoods of three children who have been taught to love and sustain the nature and culture of their fatherland and to love and care for one another, to be humble and sufficient with what they have and to share with each other .
Their love for nature includes Phuket ’ s pristine white sand beaches and the crystal clear, turquoise blue waters of the Andaman Sea, the trees that provide shade and are the natural color of life .
And the Phuket Gardenia flower with its yellowish- white color in the good morning and golden scandalmongering color in the evening, and which emits an unforgettable, refreshing light perfume more natural than any aroma. The balmy feel of this plant ’ sulfur branches, flowers and leaves are a genuine representation of the delicate combination of humanity and nature .
The spiritual entail of “ Proud Phuket ” is symbolic of the children ’ south favorite animal, the “ Sea Turtle ”, whose wisdom teaches us about walking our way in peace and sticking to it with decision and repose, whose liveliness encourages us to take a break from our busy lives, and which is emblematic of the manner of peace, whether it ’ s inviting us to cultivate peace of mind or a peaceful relationship with our environment.

The love you will find at “ Proud Phuket ” is evocative of the sexual love of the children ’ sulfur favorite toy, a dim-witted swing which was for all to share, its farseeing ropes hanging down from the large tree ’ south strongest outgrowth, its low wooden seat at knee acme.

Whenever they had the chance, they would go down to play on the swing. The count on their faces as the wind rushed into their faces as they swung fore, and that single here and now when they were suspended in the air before rushing back again. Although they were mindful of the danger, they would however push a hard as they could to go higher and higher.

A good swing makes you unafraid and the older you get, the more fears and doubts you collect in your back pockets .
“ Proud Phuket ” wishes to share the children ’ sulfur fondest memories with you all, and it is with sincere hearts that we promise you will be loved, cared for and cherished just as you were one of them .
Everyone should have memories of their childhoods. Yours may be alike or unlike to these children ’ randomness, but at “ Proud Phuket ” you can turn back time and be reminded of your happiest childhood memories and relive those memories as though you are in a dream .