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specific city in Gyeonggi, South Korea
particular city in Gyeonggi, South Korea
street view of Goyang Goyang ( Goyang-si ; korean pronunciation : [ ko.jaŋ ] ) is a city in Gyeonggi Province in the north of South Korea. It is separate of the Seoul Capital Area, making Goyang one of Seoul ‘s satellite cities. It is one of the largest cities in the Seoul Capital Area, with a population of just over 1 million. Ilsan, a plan city, is located in the Ilsandong-gu and Ilsanseo-gu districts of Goyang. It besides includes Deogyang-gu which is closer to Seoul.

respective institutions of higher learn are located in Goyang. These include Agricultural Cooperative College, Korea Aerospace University, and Transnational Law and Business University .

noteworthy places [edit ]

Historic remains

  • Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center
  • Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center
  • Aerospace Museum
  • Baedari Korean Traditional Wine Museum
  • Theme Zoo Park “Zoo Zoo”
  • Cultural Center and Museum of Latin America
  • Nongshim Theme Park
  • Hyundai Motor Studio Goyang
  • Hanhwa Aqua Planet aquarium

Entertainment and shopping

  • Bukhan Mountain
  • Jeongbal Mountain
  • Go Bong Mountain
  • Lake Park
  • Goyang Sports Complex

regular festivals [edit ]

  • Haengjusanseong Fortress Sun Rise Festival

On New Year ‘s Day each year, a excellent festival is thrown at Haengju Sanseong to welcome the New Year ‘s Day sunrise. Time : 5:00-9:00 AM on New Year ‘s Day each class set : The top of the batch where Haengju Sanseong sits .

  • The Great Battle of Haengju Festival

The event is held to commemorate an authoritative victory in korean history ( 14 March ) at Haengju Sanseong. elementary school kids and their parents from the neighborhood can watch memorial services for patriotic martyr of the nation and learn about the history of Haengju Sanseong. Time : 10 AM on 14 March each class Place : Chungjang Shrine at Haengju Sanseoeng
floricultural industry sprang up in the early 1970s fostering flower culture in Korea. Goyang became one of the most celebrated cities for its floricultural diligence and its flower prove grew into a horticultural event representing Korea and a venue for trade among participants at home and from afield. – Time : early April each year – Place : Areas surrounding Ilsan Lake Park

  • Goyang Lake Art Festival

The event is free-style arts festival held at diverse locations around the Lake Park. Imagination and wits of artists getting out of the constraints imposed by stages fill the streets with energy and romanticist mood. versatile performing arts including jazz, mimic, dance, drama and initiation arts decking out the venue with colorful decorations to add glamor, passionate performance by celebrated theatrical companies from around the world and illusion fireworks all let the cheerful spectators enjoy the excitement thrown by the festival. Time : October each year Place : locations around the Lake Park

geography [edit ]

Ilsan New Town vaguely comes to mind, but in world, the easterly boundary is Bukhansan, the western boundary is the Han River, and the city sphere itself is bombastic and has versatile geographic features. however, Bukhansan is a region protruding to the east, and the eastern end of the bound with Seoul is actually a cragged area connecting Mt. Aengbong and Mt. Bongsan. Across the Han River to the west is the city of Gimpo. At the time of the expansion of Seoul, the eastern area was given to Seoul, but Bukhansan was guided, so if you look closely at the administrative divisions on the map, it looks like a kitchen knife or a bet on. Bukhansan Mountain is distinctly visible from the vicinity of Jichuk, and surprisingly, if you drive along the expressway from the middle deck of an apartment build up in Ilsan New Town [ 10 ] or evening from the side of Isanpo, you can see Bukhansan Mountain in the distance. You can roughly estimate the upwind on that day by whether you can see it good or not .

Sports [edit ]

The methamphetamine field hockey team High1, based in Chuncheon, played its home Asia League Ice Hockey matches at the Goyang Ice Rink until 2019, when the team withdrew from the league. [ 1 ]

Former association football teams in Goyang include Goyang KB Kookmin Bank FC and Goyang Zaicro FC. presently, there is the K4 League association football team Goyang Citizen FC. The Korean Basketball League team Goyang Orion Orions is besides based in the city .

transportation [edit ]

Public transport [edit ]

Bike sharing [edit ]

Goyang is served by a bicycle sharing system called Fifteen ( KR : 피프틴 ) which stands at around 3,000 .

Railroads [edit ]

Commuter Rail
High Speed Railways

Buses [edit ]

Bus stops on Goyang Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

  • Daehwa Station
  • Ilsanseo-gu office, Paik Hospital
  • Ilsandong-gu office
  • Daegok Station
  • Haengsin dong
  • Deogeun dong

Types of buses

  • Yellow bus: connects nearby
  • Green and Blue bus: connects cities

and districts .

  • Red Bus: express one, goes a wide area.
  • M bus: more express one, goes a wide area, but not included in G bus and Seoul bus

Bus Terminals

  • Hwajeong terminal: located in Deogyang-gu
  • Goyang terminal: located in Ilsandong-gu
  • Wide-area transportation connecting Seoul and Paju, etc., is developed. Goyang Terminal and Hwajeong Terminal are in charge of intercity transportation, and those who need to use regular trains tend to go to Seoul Station or Yongsan Station. However, there is a station attached to the KTX depot, so some KTX trains stop.

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