Preserving Soup Vegetables: This Is How It Works | Dennispoint Campground MD

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Easy to store vegetable soup

It may happen that you have chopped too many vegetables and you are not using all of them. There’s an easy way to store grated carrots, celery, and leeks. You must omit the fourth ingredient, the curly parsley, and always use it fresh.

  • You have already cleaned and chopped the vegetables.
  • Pass the diced vegetables through a meat grinder or blender. Grind or blend the vegetables until a coarse paste forms.
  • Then add salt to the vegetable puree. For 750 g of vegetable soup, there is approximately 100 g of salt.
  • Mix everything well. Salt is used as a preservative in many foods and greatly extends their shelf life.
  • Pour the mixture into sterilized mason jars. Close them and store them in the fridge. Unopened, they can be stored here for up to six months. If something is removed in the meantime, 3-4 months is realistic.
  • For the next soup or stew, remove one or more spoons from the mixing bowl and use them to prepare the soup.
  • Be sure to use little or no salt, though, as vegetable batter already contains enough salt.

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