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how oysters are prepared

If you want to prepare oysters, you should definitely pay attention to the freshness of the oysters. If the oyster is already open and smells bad or has doughy meat, it is unfortunately no longer edible.

  • Before opening the oyster, you must clean it well on the outside. The hinge is particularly important here because it contains a lot of dirt that you’d rather not eat with.
  • Use a hand brush and a little water to clean. Use it to gently rub the oyster and the hinge.
  • Then open the shellfish with an oyster knife. To open the oyster, place the fruit on the curved bottom.
  • The tip with the hinge points towards you.
  • Now pierce the hinge with the oyster knife and gently twist the knife to separate the clam halves. Next, cut the sphincter and separate the shells from each other.
  • Then use the knife to separate the remaining sphincter muscle meat at the bottom of the shell.
  • Be careful not to put pieces of shellfish on top of the meat.
  • Place the oysters in a serving bowl with ice and serve with slices of lemon zest.

how to eat oysters

In fact, you don’t eat oysters, you sip them. You can use an oyster fork to loosen the meat from the shell if the meat is still attached to the shell.

  • Before eating, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the meat. You can also pepper the meat. You don’t need salt because the seawater in the shell makes it quite salty.
  • Then lift the oyster slightly above your mouth. Place the sloping side of the cover against your lips at a 45 degree angle. Then suck the meat into your mouth.
  • To fully enjoy the aroma of the oyster, you should not swallow the meat directly, but let it melt in your mouth.

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