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Chicory: Prepare a variety of vegetables

No matter how you prepare radicchio, it is absolutely necessary to remove the stem. Due to its many bitter substances, this part of the vegetable is hardly edible.

  • To do this, first cut the stem with a knife. Next, cut the radicchio in half and cut the inner parts of the stem into a wedge shape.
  • The classic is the chicory salad. To do this, use raw vegetables and simply cut the leaves into thin strips.
  • Tip: yogurt goes very well with radicchio. You can also sweeten the dressing with a small spoonful of honey or fresh fruit.
  • Raw radicchio also goes well with savory dishes. Fried bacon makes a great dressing for a radicchio salad.
  • In addition to the raw preparation variant, fried chicory is popular. Preparation is quick and easy.
  • Season with a little salt and pepper, just sauté the vegetables briefly in the pan.
  • Alternatively, you can steam the radicchio; you can read how to do this in a separate cooking tip. The main advantage of steaming or roasting winter vegetables is that the radicchio becomes softer. Bitter substances are lost in the process.
  • Chicory becomes very tender and sweet if you cover it with strong cheese and roast it in the oven.
  • Of course, do not cut the vegetables into small pieces, since they will lose a lot of water when they brown.
  • Leave the leaves whole or grate the radicchio halves.

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