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Potato Pancakes: The accompaniments to crispy potato pancakes are as varied as their names. Whether you prefer to choose classic sides, serve the donuts with savory sides, or as a sweet dessert, it’s up to you! We’ll show you just how wonderfully versatile hash browns are.

The perfect potato pancake

In most families, Grandma either has the perfect recipe or tries an entirely new version. If you already know that you are going to choose a savory accompaniment, you can now season and vary the dough accordingly. With unripened spelled sprouts, for example, you get a nutty flavor that goes well with classic side dishes like applesauce.

Tip: To prevent food from getting too greasy, turn potato pancakes over once on paper towels after frying and pat dry. Otherwise, the dish quickly becomes too powerful, especially with hearty sides like fried bacon.

Hearty Garnishes for Hash Browns

With meat and fish, the potato pancake quickly becomes the main course. If you prefer vegetarian or vegan cuisine, you can also create the perfect dinner with a green salad or tomatoes with simple ingredients. We especially like these tasty side dishes:

  1. Smoked salmon
  2. north sea crabs
  3. caviar
  4. diced bacon or bacon
  5. Large blood sausage or black pudding
  6. Hearty meat dishes, like Grandma’s Beef Goulash or Grandma’s Classic Beef Roscon
  7. Sauerkraut
  8. Fresh salads, such as colorful lettuce or tomato salad with onion and mozzarella

Tip: Sauces like cottage cheese, herbed cream cheese, or horseradish sauce are great for classic, hearty side dishes.

Sweet toppings for hash browns

Whether as a dessert or as a sweet main course: Potato pancakes are not only the favorite dish of children! Even if you plan on sweet sides for your menu, you need to salt the dough enough for the hash browns. These sides go perfectly with sweet potato pancakes:

  1. Applesauce
  2. sugar (and cinnamon)
  3. Fruit jellies or jams, such as plain plum jam
  4. Sweet compote like a fruity strawberry compote
  5. Sweet cream
  6. jar of rum

Tip: If you want something exotic, you can flavor the fruit compote with ginger or star anise. However, local fruit or berries have been shown to pair better with Soulfood hash browns – citrus is often too acidic.

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