Pocket Wifi in Japan

Using Pocket Wifi in Japan

These days internet access is more and more significant. think of navigating on the go, checking timetables, finding a dear restaurant locally or sharing your experiences with class and friends – just to name a few options .
Visitors asked us : “ Is it worth getting a Pocket Wi-Fi and how good is it ? ”. We decided to rent a whole ourselves in order to find out .


Picking up the Wi-Fi was easy. We went to the airport Wi-Fi buffet ( in this case at Kansai Airport ), showed our Wi-Fi booking number and pass, we then cursorily received our Wi-Fi package .

Pick-up at the airport

What do you get?

The box contains the Wi-Fi router, charging cord both for USB and AC, instruction manual and return human body for customers who wish to return the router by file chain mail.
The router comes with inexhaustible data but the speed is limited after a casual cap of 3 GB which resets during the night .
Complete Pocket WiFi package

Setting up a connection

The router works out of the box. There is a network name ( SSID ) and password written on the router. Click on the network list in the Wifi network list of your device, enter the password and you are full to go .

How is performance

The joining is made via the Softbank LTE network and coverage is quite comprehensive examination. We used the Wi-Fi throughout our travel from the busy city of Tokyo to the distant areas of Kyushu and coverage was thoroughly to excellent everywhere. Speeds do differ, urban areas it ’ sulfur fast and decidedly better than your average hotel Wi-Fi, in more rural areas the speed is lower but it ’ south still fine to stream content like Netflix and YouTube.

Battery operation is good and will get you through 1-2 days depending on custom but is promptly recharged overnight .
The Wi-Fi is big on the train vitamin a well, keep the kids busy so you have time to enjoy the landscape pass by or just a moment for yourself. In tunnels, however, the connection does drop from meter to prison term .
High-speed internet on the high-speed bullet train.


We returned the router to the airport counter, precisely a quick check if all the contents were there and that ’ s it. The software can besides be returned by register mail.

How does it compare to other options?

In the past, it used to be difficult to find any assailable hot spot in Japan. This is getting better with public toilet stores offering Wi-Fi and coffee shops and stations that have public hotspots available. however, these are much in japanese only and sometimes require sign-up advance. There is besides no Wi-Fi available on public tape drive. In short, populace Wi-Fi is decidedly not as available and accessible as it is in the US or other countries .

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a commodious, fast and worry-free internet during your trip to Japan, then getting a Pocket Wi-Fi is the best choice. It is a great way to get fast pocket wireless local area network in Japan
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