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PDT ( it stands for Please Do n’t Tell ) is something of an curio, a cocktail sofa affixed to Crif Dogs, an East Village hot frump roast.

PDT (it stands for Please Don’t Tell), this popular bar, is something of an oddity, a cocktail sofa affixed to Crif Dogs, an East Village hot andiron joint. You gain introduction through a vintage earphone corner within Crif and enter a too-cool-for-school speakeasy-style space .
The stylishly low-key, relaxed feel of the venue is spiced up by funky touches in the décor the taxidermy-adorned walls might be off-putting to some animal lovers, but who can resist a bear in a hat ?
You can relax in one of the leather booths or there ’ s batch of space to prop up the bar and enjoy one of the high quality amazing cocktails, courtesy of erstwhile Pegu Club bartender Jim Meehan .
Beer-lovers are also well-served and if hunger kicks in you can order food from Crif ’ sulfur, next door : hot dogs and burgers in the main, big for soaking up booze and keeping a sweetheart point.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff make up for the fact that it can be tricky to get a reservation ( recommended for groups, particularly call at 3pm when the lines open to maximise your chances, but don ’ thyroxine be surprised if you ’ re left hanging on the call for a while ) .
At busy times you may have a bit of a wait to get in and, unsurprisingly, given the high concept behind the hale enterprise, it ’ s not the target to nip into for a brassy drink. But while the solid ‘ secret venue ’ concept has proliferated to the charge of boredom of late and can be a small besides self-consciously far-out for some tastes, the commitment to top-notch cocktails and a unique setting means that PDT manages to pull it off.

What their peers say
“ Behind a hot andiron shop class in the lower East Side of Manhattan is rightfully one of the worlds great bars. One enters via a telephone booth in the hot andiron shop to an authentic speakeasy stylus bar. The drinks are oversee in a consummate way by the mercurial cocktail genius that is Jim Meehan. Suffice to say that I have never had a less than excellent drink in this establishment. ” Nick Strangeway of Strange Hill
“ Consider the informant, but over the last few years, PDT bartenders have created close to two hundred original cocktails. The combination of seasonal, sophisticate, sessionable cocktails, a dramatic capture and hot dogs created by local chefs served from adjacent door has proven that bartenders don ’ t have to wear bowties and cuff links to be taken seriously. ” Jim Meehan of PDT, New York

“ One of the best entrances of any bar ( through the call booth in the hot frank restaurant next door ) it serves a capital menu of drinks developed by Jim Meehan. After a few of his excellent drinks, it is worth ordering a hot frank or two – the dogs have their own secret capture through the wall. ” Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown of Mixellany Ltd .
“ Please Don ’ t Tell is a stead I constantly find myself returning to every time I am complete in New York. It a Speakeasy style barricade that has a moment of a fun element added to it and is a thoroughly enjoyable place to spend an even. The drinks – a combination of classics and seasonal worker creations – are always extremely well executed and the Crif Dogs are the best hotdogs to be found anywhere on the planet. ” Sean Muldoon of The Dead Rabbit, New York City