Phuket sits equitable off the western slide of Thailand and is the country ’ s largest Island. It ’ mho surrounded by the sparkling waters on the Andaman Sea and covered by dense rain forest. It ’ sulfur best known for its colorful towns, energetic markets, amazing beaches, and of course, amazing food. Temperatures remain quite warm year-round, but the best time to visit is between November and February when there is less rain .
There are over one hundred hostels in Phuket to choose from. The best hostels in Phuket for you depend on what you ’ re looking to experience during your trip, but there are so many highly rate locations that you ’ re guaranteed to find the arrant rate. This is a party township, so expect hostels with wild pond parties, liquor cruises and nightly drinking games. If you want more of a cool bide, there are laid-back hostels with epicurean dorms, social BBQs and big restaurants. Phuket hostels will give you the best of both worlds !

Staying near the more dumbly populate areas such a Phuket City will give you lots of options for food and denounce, while hostels further aside from center will be more relaxed. Since there is broadly lots of natural process in Phuket, it may be best to stay in a hostel near the airport on the night before your flight to make indisputable you get there on time. If the beach is what you ’ re after, look for Phuket hostels along the west coast. As you head inland, you ’ ll find hostel near energetic city streets, patronize and tied festivals.

Phuket has everything you could ask for. Simply walking around the streets is a wholly alone feel ; not to mention the celebrated beaches, cultural attractions, nightlife and food. Take a gravy boat trip out to Phi Phi Island to enjoy beaches and crystal-clear water like you ’ ve never seen ahead. Phuket besides has enough of street markets both during the day and at night that are a great place to pick up a memento and indulge in unforgettable food .
There are batch of ways to get around Phuket. Most towns are belittled adequate to walk around and the hostels are generally within walking outdistance to the beach arsenic well. There is merely one authorised “ limousine ” ( taxi ) serve from the airport that offers shared minibuses or private taxis. There are besides metred taxis and air-conditioned taxis available around Phuket. Tuk tuks are the most common way to get around, or a motorbike taxi can we used for shorter ( more stimulate ) trips. There are besides local buses and national buses to travel around the cities, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as in between provinces. Of course, no trip to Thailand is dispatch without a drive on a longtail boat !