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Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 in response to ceaseless changes to the shape and size of incandescent light bulb by bulb manufacturers. At the introduction of the PH 5, Poul Henningsen wrote the follow : “ After 33 years of basically christian behavior I have converted to Islam in my relationship to the manufacture of incandescent bulb. For a coevals I have believed that consideration for the consumer and common sense would prevail, but nowadays I have become a fatalist. I have accepted destiny, and with Louis Poulsen´s license I have designed a PH regular which can be used with any kind of light source, Christmas lights and 100 W metal-filament bulb. Although a fluorescent tube would be excessively much to ask in the existing form ! “.

The PH 5 was introduced as a classic newfangled merchandise, and no one know at the time that it would finally become synonymous with the PH clean. Irrespective of how the light is installed or the light reservoir used, the PH 5 is and remains completely glare-free. The fastness was christened PH 5 due to the 50 centimeter diameter of the chief shade. Poul Henningsen wanted to improve the color reproduction characteristics of the light reservoir in the PH 5. Small crimson and blue shades were therefore inserted to supplement the color in the region of the spectrum where the eye is least medium – the bolshevik and blue areas – thereby subduing the light in the middle yellow-green region where the eye is most sensitive. The light repair ‘s design has been regularly updated as light sources have developed. The PH 5 is available in the classic white translation, a advanced white mannequin and in six color versions, where the discolor is darkest at the top and gradually lightens moving down from shade to shade. The struts are empurpled on the ‘ authoritative ’ model and bronze-coloured on the early seven versions. The reflector ring color contrasts with the early hues. To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary in 2018 of this beloved chandelier, Louis Poulsen released the PH 5 in an edition that pairs copper shades and white tiers – and in 2019 with brass shades. The new metallic-and-white combination highlights Henningsen ’ s shade system design and adds newly dynamism to one of his most greet forms, with the mirror-like alloy tiers reflecting their surroundings. The metallic element shades a untreated and will patinate over time. All of these editions are besides available in the scaled down PH 5 Mini ( 30cm diameter ), which was added to the PH 5 family in 2017.