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Salt and pepper are used as spices on almost every dining table. A widely used stimulant, pepper adds flavor to almost any food and has health benefits as well.

Spicy pain reliever: pepper

From black pepper to cayenne pepper: the variety of the popular spice is great. Most of them can be traced back to a single plant, which is grown as a climbing shrub, mainly in India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brazil. Pepper from Kampot, a province of Cambodia, is considered particularly noble. The different colors of the spice result from the degree of maturity and processing:

  • Black pepper is harvested green shortly before it ripens; takes its dark color after subsequent drying. Its flavor is intensely spicy.
  • Green peppers are unripe and can be preserved after harvest by soaking in vinegar or brine or by drying. The scent is sweeter and fresher.
  • White pepper fully ripens before being harvested and peeled. It is the strongest chili and should be dosed sparingly.
  • The red bell pepper is taken from the bush when almost overripe, then immediately placed in a vinegar or salt solution. It has a sweet-spicy flavor.
  • Pink pepper is not pepper at all as it comes from a different plant and has a sweet and sour taste. It is often mixed with colored pepper.
  • Cayenne pepper also only has the name in common: it is made from ground chili peppers and is hotter than chili powder.

In addition, there is pepper with flavor. Lemon pepper, for example, is mixed with granulated lemon zest.

How healthy is pepper?

Pepper not only adds flavor to food but also aids in its digestion. The ingredient piperine stimulates the flow of saliva and the production of digestive juices. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties that help with colds, for example, and stimulate the release of happy hormones in the brain. According to a Korean study, pepper would make you lose weight because it inhibits the production of fat cells. The so-called aphrodisiac effect of pepper belongs to the realm of legends. Despite all the positive properties, you should not consume pepper in large quantities, as it can trigger heartburn.

freshly ground tastes better

You can buy the different types of pepper or mixes ground or whole. We recommend peppercorns, which can be freshly ground with a pepper mill or crushed with a pepper mortar. The essential oils develop shortly before consumption and the spice has a more intense flavor. However, it is better not to grind pepper directly in steaming dishes like a Pfefferpotthast, a traditional Westphalian meat dish, otherwise the grinder could clog. By the way, the aroma diffuser adds a nice touch to sweet and savory dishes such as grilled nectarines.

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