Penn Battle 2 Reviewed: Are These Spinning Reel Worth Buying?

Every fisherman is conversant with the Penn reels when it comes to inshore fishing. Penn has introduced many swerve and popular fishing reels over the years. Penn Battle II series is one of the favorite reels of the anglers .

Quick Take

available in a range of size from fall 1000 to the bigger 8000, Penn Battle 2 is designed for fishing anything from trout to Barracudas .
The Battle II reels provide a great value of price for performance. They have workmanlike build quality with balmy knobs that allows you to well handle the reels with ease. They are the cheapest Penn reel to feature the HT-100 embroil system. The 3000 and 4000 sized reels are equipped with the anti-reverse have .
Penn has upgraded their struggle 2 BTLII5000 and battle 2 BTLII6000 reels with increased lastingness and legato haul. You can choose from 1000-4000 series to throwing lures. Select one from the heavier 5000-8000 models to throw the bait and larger puff strikes.

Here is some features common across all sizes of Penn Battle 2.

Reel Handle Position Right/Left
Drag Type Front Drag
Drag Material HT-100 (carbon fiber)
Warranty 1 year from date of purchase
Features Instant Anti-Reverse

HT-100 is a lamination of carbon character fabric on boastfully fiberglass sheets that are cut into strips. The different washers that complement the university of pennsylvania ’ s new designs are made from running these strips through a stamp die .

What size suits you?

Check the following table that compares all models of the Penn battle 2. ( Bearings of all models are the lapp 5+1 )
The larger sized reel models ( 6000 – 8000 size ) have drag systems designed to withstand more line stripping you need to hook up on a bombastic pisces. You can well fight big fish with the add tune capacity to fish in depths of 100-200′. You will calm have plenty of lines if a large fish starts ‘ stripping ’ trace as they make their run .
The 1000 size reel is very modest with a minimal line capacitance. These reels are generally adequate for the anglers who are aiming the smaller species of fish .

Pros & Cons


  • It offers more support while handling heavy loads
  • Offers more support because of its metallic body
  • The line does not slip easily because of its rubber lining
  • Its engineered to last longer than the usual fishing lines
  • An instant anti-reverse feature is a great help during the fight with fish.
  • The smoother and constant retrievals through the techno-balanced rotor.
  • The soft-touch knob makes the reel comfortable to handle.
  • The metallic body maintains precision gear alignment.


The 5000-8000 size models are significantly heavier. Some customers reported harsh retrievals, wind knots, and noise after a while. There is a possibility of puff being stuck, the bearings wearing out, and a tease spool after a time period of use .

A closer look at Penn Battle 2 Reels of Different Sizes

Penn battle 2 2500 vs 3000

Penn battle 2 3000 review
Both are Small-Sized Models. Both have the same gear proportion of 6.2:1. Battle 2 3000 has a larger soap puff of 15lb as compared to 12lb of 2500 model .
Both are by and large suited for light fish in lakes, rivers, bays, harbors etc. You can catch Trout, Bream, Bass, Whiting, Perch, Flathead, and Luderick well .
For the 2500 model, Suggested Braid is 5-12lb and infectious mononucleosis is 2.5kg-4kg ( 5-8lb ). You can use a rod in lengths between 6-7ft which have a line rat of around 2-5Kgs .
For the 3000 model, Suggested Braid is 6-14lb and mono is 6-10lb ( 3-5kg ). You can pair it up with a 6-7.5ft long rod with a line class rat between 3-7Kg. You can besides use this stagger model as a lightweight pilot whale bobbin on 9-10ft rods with a 4Kg rat .

Penn battle 2 4000

Penn battle 2 3000 vs 4000The 4000 model is considered a medium fishing spin and is most suitable to lakes, rivers, bays, harbors, light offshore boat fishing etc .
This size is popular to catch Morwong, Snapper, Mangrove Jack, Tailor, Bone Fish, Drummer, Barramundi, Cod, and Mulloway .
For the 4000 sized reel, A 8-12lb ( 4-6kg ) infectious mononucleosis and braid of 8-20lb are suggested. You can pair it up with 6-7ft medium natural process rods ( snapper/Barra expressive style ) with a line rat of 4-10Kg. You can besides use an 8-10ft lighter surfboard perch with a light occupation class evaluation of around 3-5Kg .

Penn Battle 2 5000 vs 6000

Penn Battle 2 Review Launched in 2015, battle 2 5000 and 6000 are the popular size of this Penn series .
The battle 5000 size weighs 19.80 oz that is lighter than battle 6000 that weighs 22.1 oz.

The btl2 5000 can hold 300 yards of 30-pound braid whereas btl2 6000 hour angle capacity of up to 390 yards of 40 pound braid. The btl2 6000 besides has a greater mono capacity .
There is a significant deviation between the recover rate of both reels. The 6000 sized battle2 reel has a higher rate of 41″ while 5000 size reel has a retrieval rate of 36 inches .
There are several features that both Penn conflict reels plowshare. Both have the lapp maximal drag of 25 pound and a gear ratio of 6.2:1. You can use any of these reels to catch little and large fish. The anodize bobbin has a arctic gasket to prevent the argumentation from slipping indeed there is no want for backing .
Both reels have an all-metal design, stainless steel metal cheat, and 6 sealed bearings that provide lake superior corrosion-resistance and smooth performance in both fresh and salt-water fish in the coasts and broken area inlets .
Although they may feel a piece heavier to some people, no critical issues have been found with these reels .


Penn battle 2 vs Spin fisher

The spinfisher performs better in the surf fishing. It has better immunity to the water in the clayey splash. It exerts a greater lockdown drag to hold the pressure of heavy braid and pull out a pisces .
The Penn battle is good to use in the flats and throwing lures regularly. It provides a bunch of drag for anything you will find in the flats and is urine repellent unless the waves regularly go splashing against it with you standing in the surfboard .
The Shimano Sahara, symmetry or stradic are besides excellent options to use for work in the flats, .
The affordability is the main reason people prefer to buy Battle-2 over the spinfisher. Anyone who has tested both reels would prefer the spinfisher to have in his arsenal for any position .


The Penn Battle II  5000 and 6000 Reels are good investments for fishermen because of their prove performance and greater dependability. The quality and performance of these reels are not compromised for the low-cost price it is offered at .
The Penn Battle 2 reels will be a companion of your fishing pursuits for a long time if you maintain it by rights. The bang-up customer service of Penn is available for the trouble with the spin .
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