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The number of vegans in Germany is increasing and therefore the diet without animal products is well known. But what do Pegans eat? We will introduce you to this diet in more detail.

What is the pegan diet?

Vegans, lacto-ovo-vegetarians, pescatarians and now Pegans – sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the diversity of diets. There is often nothing new behind the buzzwords, but rather well-known ones. This is also the case with the Pegan diet: it is a combination of paleo and vegan, which is why it is also called paleo-vegan. An American doctor was the first to mix the two diets and it generated a lot of interest. Fresh, unprocessed foods are on the menu, just as our ancestors ate them: hence the “paleo,” meaning Stone Age. Vegan because the essentials are made up of vegetables and fruits. Cereals, milk and milk products should be avoided, as well as sugar, legumes, meat, fish and eggs are suitable in moderation. Therefore, convinced vegans cannot switch to the Pegan diet. Apart from the lack of cereals and milk, the concept largely corresponds to modern nutritional recommendations, such as the mixed plate.

Rich in vital substances, diverse, sustainable: the advantages of the paleovegan diet

Cooking yourself and with natural ingredients is always the first option if you want to carry out a conscious diet. This is the only way to control all the ingredients and the quality of the food. With vegetables and fruits as a base, the Pegan diet provides many important vitamins and minerals, supplemented by high-quality meat from grass-fed animals. The fats must come from nuts, olives, or avocados, which automatically means you’re avoiding trans fats, which are classified as unhealthy. This also applies to sugar, the consumption of which in Germany is generally too high. The avoidance of grains and milk is controversial among experts: the Pegans reject wheat & Co because of the gluten it contains, which they believe should promote autoimmune disease. And milk is for calves, not for humans. Opponents dispute these arguments.

Pegan Diet Reviewed by Experts

By the way, Dr. Hyman, the inventor of the Pegan diet, advocates individual diet design. For example, gluten-free or low-gluten foods, such as oatmeal, are not strictly prohibited on the Pegan Breakfast Diet. You can also switch to pseudo-grains like quinoa and buckwheat, which are gluten-free. If you bake bread with these ingredients instead of wheat or spelled, it is suitable for the pegan diet. That’s good to know, especially since other carbohydrate sources like rice and potatoes are not recommended on a sticky diet. However, avoiding milk and dairy products, which provide protein and calcium and are vitamin B2 foods, can be problematic. Here, experts advise designing sticky diet recipes accordingly and, for example, incorporating calcium-rich vegetables like kale or spinach. In short, the Pegan diet has many benefits with proper adaptation, from which autoimmune patients and people with intolerances can especially benefit.

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