4 nights at Peace Laguna Resort in Sep’20. We stayed in the main build up and not the villa. Booking ( + ) good know, on-line book, different room types and meal packages, all square and fast Transportation ( +- ) : the hotel offers airport transportation for 800 THB which is absolutely unnecessary ; it was easy to get a van from the airport to the hotel for 600 THB correct on arrival. Location ( + ) : about 7 min walk from the beach, cheeseparing to a draw of eateries in all pricee ranges, 7-11 and tourist shops Checkin ( +- ) : the hotel verified the checkin meter via e-mail, we had to fill in paper forms on check-in ; the receptionist offered serve with the baggage, but since the help was the same small receptionist lady for all of our 4 suitcases, we hauled them ourselves ; the elevator barely fits 4 people, let alone the baggage Room ( +- ) : reasonably tired but roomy, clean, except we had to ask to replace a few dirty linens ; mattress quality is acceptable, although a spring was sticking out from the mattress in one of the rooms we were assigned ; shampoo and gel provided by the hotel were of frightful quality, we had to buy our own, the body of water drains identical slowly from the exhibitor and overflows onto the toilet floor easily. The kids had an adjacent room, but the rooms were not connecting. The sound isolation leaves better to be desired, the noises of a loud party at another hotel adjacent door easily woke us up in the dawn. Facilities ( +- ) : pretty much everything was closed ascribable to the lack of guests, so we merely checked out a pool a few times. The pool is good, with a great opinion across the lagoon but very little. Food ( +- ) : we only tried breakfast, which was OK ; if you are not message to eat the lapp stuff every day, spirit elsewhere. It includes a choice of electrocute rice or fried noodles, eggs ( boiled or omelet ), some cold cuts, wimp blimp or bacon, 3 small pieces of fruit and a swallow. The food was amply Westernized which was OK for us ( unfortunately 3 years if support in Thailand made me decide I did not like piquant … ). Lots of bantam ants were crawling over all the tables and were not about to give up, so humans and the rest of the nature were forced to co-exist for breakfast. Service ( + ) the room was cleaned well every day, the overhaul in the restaurant was heedful, we did not have any especial needs so all was fine on this front. hotel rules ( — – ) : equitable farcical. They would give you only 1 board samara ( which will keep fail as the locks are previous or whatever ), if you want to get a second gear key, you have to deposit 500 THB. I do not actually feel welcome at a hotel which requires me to make a deposit for a samara. checkout : tuberculosis, as we will only leave in a couple of days. Value ( +- ) : we got 2 rooms for about 50 $ each so I would say it is a average price for what you get. Would I stay here again ? I do not know. 5-star hotels in Krabi ( where we would normally stay ) have rooms going now for about US $ 100-130 but the value of those properties is greatly diminished now since many of their facilities ( gymnasium, tennis courts, etc. ) are either closed or have badly reduced hours. When they reopen, we will go back to Sofitel and Centara.