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Plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk are all the rage and more and more people are turning to oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice drink, etc. Pea milk is an alternative to vegan milk that is still little known. We will introduce them to you in more detail.

What exactly is pea milk?

Whether for ethical reasons related to animal welfare, because they want to eat vegan or suffer from lactose intolerance: more and more consumers are turning to plant-based milk instead of cow’s milk. To be more precise, vegetable drinks, because the denomination of vegan milk is illegal. The varieties made from soybeans, cereals such as oats and spelled, rice and almonds stand out. Pea milk, which comes to us from the United States, is relatively new to the market. It is usually made from yellow peas and naturally has a protein content similar to that of cow’s milk. That is why the drink is interesting for athletes and all those who want to follow a high-protein diet.

Pea milk ingredients

The taste of pea milk is similar to that of soy milk. In some cases, manufacturers help with sugar and additives to achieve a palatable flavor, which is often the case with milk alternatives. Consumer associations advise, therefore, to take a good look at the list of ingredients. If you want to be sure to drink a purely natural product or use it to prepare your lactose-free recipes, you can prepare pea milk yourself. It is best to use yellow split peas, that is, half-peeled peas. Boil the legumes for about 45 minutes, rinse and place in a blender with cold water and strain the liquid through a cloth. Usually you won’t be impressed by the flavor, so you need to add sweeteners and possibly flavoring agents like vanilla to the blender. If you want to avoid sugar, you can use dates to sweeten, for example.

Is pea milk sustainable?

The pea being vegan, always fares better than animal products in the ecological balance. Cow farming requires a lot of resources. As a home-grown legume, the raw material for pea milk did not have to travel long distances, as soybeans sometimes do. If you want to know what is the source of vegetable protein, there is nothing to complain about from an environmental point of view. Prepare your porridge with pea milk, bake and cook with the herbal drink or enjoy creamy desserts: our vegan recipes have some suggestions for you.

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