PE Line Rating – Fishing Line Diameter Chart

Since the advent of braid lines in the early ’ 90s, anglers worldwide began to have more success in casting and landing fish due to its dilute diameter and incredible strength-to-diameter ratio. Back in the day, when these braided lines ’ production was inactive being improved, some problems like lastingness, castability, and knot lastingness were prevailing. These days, modern manufacture methods and decades of trial and error led to creating trusty braided fishing line .

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What is PE line rating?

PE is an acronym that stands for polyethylene. When applied to fish, the polyethylene or PE rat is one of the ways of ranking fishing pipeline. Simply put, it is a rating method acting that measures the diameter and approximates the force capacity of braided fishing lines—as the alone line character that uses ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( UHMWPE ) fibers .
Originating from the Chinese and handed down to the Japanese for their “ gouw ” numbering system on traditional silk threads, PE ratings evolved into manipulation for modern fishing line. This system now sets the standard for the diameter measurements of fishing occupation .

How does PE Rating Help?

In picking the arrant fishing argumentation, anglers about always consider the diameter and breaking strain. But with the diameter and breaking strain differing from one bobbin of line to another, denounce for fishing note can be confusing and absolute cruddy.

To make it easier, manufacturers now provide the PE rate and the collapse strain on the labels. As a general rule of flick : advertise break strains are set at ten-spot times the PE military rank ( so, a line with PE rat 5 will break at 50 pound. at the identical least ), although most lines, including premium ones, about constantly test well above these numbers.
For seasoned anglers, the mesa below can serve as your steer to the unlike fishing line diameters ( in millimeters ) averaged to the modern standard PE rat .

Test 8 lb 12 lb 15 lb 20 lb 30 lb 40 lb 50 lb 60 lb 80 lb 100 lb
Diameter in mm 0.115 0.128 0.163 0.225 0.299 0.317 0.332 0.422 0.48 0.545
PE Rating 0.5 0.6 1 1.7 3 3.5 4 6 8 10
Actual Average Break 14.2 lb 20.6 lb 23.7 lb 34.7 lb 49.0 lb 59.2 lb 78.5 lb 91.6 lb 116.2 lb 138.2 lb
Number of Strands 6 8 6 8 8 8 8 8 8 8

Pros and Cons of Using the PE Rating when Buying Fishing Line

Using a standardize PE line rating chart to base your fish line purchase can be confusing. however, for many anglers, specially the uninitiate, knowing this organization can be a actual treat .


  • It’s a more consistent method for line designation. The PE rating system is a real beauty. Having a fixed system like this tells you exactly which line class will fit on your rod-and-reel setup. You can then focus your attention on seeing how much you want to spend per yard to get your desired strength. Whether you use a smaller reel and pay on quality line or a bigger reel to keep up with the capacity, using the PE rating will get you rolling, though maybe the bucket brigadiers in the market would disagree.
  • It’s an objectively better naming system for the line diameter. Knowing that the PE rating system tells you the line diameter makes it easier to buy your fishing line. Instead of having to say, “I’d like a spool of 0.235mm line, please,” you can simply tell them the PE rating you desire. Though there are thicker and thinner lines of the same breaking strain, there is no such thing as thicker or thinner lines when you look at the PE rating.


  • Absolute breaking strain (ABS) is inconsistent and confusing with each PE rating. Each strand (and individual hair) varies in thickness depending upon its diameter, manufacturing limitations, material specifications and quality, and production process. That said, a line’s load carry capability may vary for each section as a function of length. These variances, though normal, can result in as much as a 25% difference in ABS. It would require testing a large segment of the line to figure out which one works best for you. As a general rule, however, you get what you pay for when it comes to fishing line, so you’d probably want to stick with the premium grade PE-rated spectra for good tensile strength.

The Rundown

Product Features overall Rating
Powerpro PE rating 0.5
Get Price
PowerPro Braided Fishing Line
• Round, smooth, and sensitive braided fishing line
• Enhanced body technology (ebt) boosts handling performance
• Constructed with spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance
• EZ spool (on Select models) lets you spool your reel directly from the box and features a built-in line cutter
• High strength-to-diameter ratio
Sufix Fishing Line PE rating 5
Get Price
Sufix 832 Braided Fishing Line
• Dives 30% deeper
• 70% stronger than traditional lead core
• Infinitely more sensitive
• 3x the abrasion resistance
• Greater resistance to UV rays and sunlight
Blue Spider Fishing Line PE Rating 0.8
Get Price
SpiderWire Stealth Blue Camo Braid
• Designed to blend naturally with open blue water conditions
• Color-lock Coating technology – casts farther, lasts longer
• Dyneema PE microfiber construction is strong, smooth and round
• Fluoropolymer treated microfibers – shoots through guides like a bullet
• Whisper quiet for stealth attacks

The Best Fishing Line to Watch Out for in the Market Right Now

With a wide roll of options available these days, how do you choose the fish line that fits your needs ? Do you scour the Internet for information ? Or do you simply wing it at the local specialist undertake shop ? Whatever you do, note that another option exists in this list of the top-rated fish line brands that we rounded up for you .
For this article, we reviewed five of the most democratic braided fish lines available in the market .

1. PowerPro Braided Fishing Line—The Most Recommended Line for Different Fishing Scenario (Overall Rating: 91/100)

The reliable PowerPro braided fishing line has been serving anglers for then long it already cemented its rate in the sportfishing market as one of the most highly recommend braided fish lines. It is made out of Spectra fibers and produced in the US, making it a front-runner among anglers, seasoned or otherwise. And for effective argue !
Each PowerPro braided fish pipeline survived rigorous examination and quality dominance measures before they were let out into the market. These stern timbre control measures have proven that they work, excessively, as my friends and I, along with some of our clients, have had reels loaded with PowerPro braid for more than respective seasons of fishing without the motivation for replacement. apart from their lastingness and retentive life, they besides have a higher break military capability than what is listed on their pronounce, making it a friendly recommendation to friends and clients, no matter what type of fish they are into .
The alone downside of PowerPro braid is that they are identical besotted coming out of the box. A reasonable housebreaking menstruation is necessity to get the best performance it can offer its users. A full-day of hard cast with a heavy spark plug should get it fix for a life of hard-core fish .

PowerPro Braided Fishing Line

What we like:

High quality enhanced body technology (EBT)
Power Pro braided fish line has survived rigorous screen and quality dominance measures in the US. On top of that, the stallion weave line went through a resin system discussion, resulting in a round, drum sander, and abrasion-resistant line
Durable and long-lasting
Designed to work in whatever character of fish you are into, the PowerPro braid can survive up to over three entire seasons without substitute.

Sensitive low stretch and high breaking strength
Apart from its lastingness and longevity, PowerPro offers an extremely sensitive connection from crochet to reel, which works well when feeling for a size strike. It besides provides a higher fracture persuasiveness than what is promised on its label, which about constantly increases performance .

Keep in mind:

Requires a long break-in period.
Because the Power Pro braided line is very rigid when coming out of the box, it requires a wax sidereal day of hard cast to get it ready for use .

2. Sufix 832 Braided Fishing Line—The Unmatched Strength of the GORE Strand (Overall Rating: 90/100)

fair like PowerPro, Sufix 832 braid is even another big choice highly recommended to all our friends and clients. We beginning tried out this braid back in 2017 and have since loaded all of our medium to light reels with it without any regrets .
What attracted us to Sufix 832 is the GORE Fiber braided along with the 7 Dyneema fibers to make an incredible 8-strand braided line. GORE fibers are used in high-performance ropes, in hoists, cranes, and elevators ! It extends the service life of the braid and keeps your fish connected for longer. If you are in the market for a baffling and durable performance braid but only need to fill only one spin, the Sufix 832 short bobbin is highly recommend !

Sufix 832 Braided Fishing Line

What we like:

Braided Dyneema and GORE fibers
This is an excellent choice for a fish line if you are after maximal force and performance with minimum weight and abrasion underground. With the GORE fiber braided with 7 Dyneema fibers, this 8-strand line packs a street fighter and durable performance minus the bulge, thanks to Japan ’ south innovations.

Perfect for medium to light reels
Aside from beating its competitors in terms of elongate, thinness, draw, and vibration, Sufix 832 besides comes in 10 test sizes and five different spool lengths, which makes it the arrant choice when you only need to fill one spin .

Keep in mind:

It is pricey
While every angler understands that fishing lines can be costly, Sufix 832 still fetches a steep price compared to early lines. While it promises extra-long lasting color, some keen anglers claimed it doesn ’ t keep much better than early lines. It besides floats merely like the others, contrary to some claims of sinking lines.

3. YO-ZURI Super Braid—The Go-to Choice for Fresh- and Saltwater Use (Overall Rating: 76/100)

We can ’ t have a number of recommend braids without adding something made in Japan. With constant initiation and product exploitation in japanese tackle manufacturers ’ minds, we can rest assured that products that come out from the land of the rising sun perform exceptionally well .
The YO-ZURI Super Braid, a lot like Sufix 832, stands up to its name and is desirable for extreme point seawater fish applications like jig and topwater pop, and adhere tease. japanese braids are known for their thin diameters, and the YO-ZURI Super Braid does not disappoint. Although it is on the costly end compared to the other options, this braid will feel indeed much smoother and flimsy, making for an overall more pleasant fishing know .

YO-ZURI Super Braid

What we like:

It is quiet, and it stays flat on the spool.
YO-ZURI Super Braid is surprisingly quiet, with a sanely impressionable feel. It stays flat on the bobbin, so there ’ s no motivation to worry about recoil and castability issues common in many other lines in the market. It is very versatile and works well even with complex casts, which is a real plus .
High abrasion resistance and easy handling
Yo-Zuri promises everything anglers want in a braided line—incredible strength, lastingness, and easy handling—making it an excellent alternate to your favored mark if you ’ re going to go power fish .

Keep in mind:

Color fading
Many anglers claim that the tinge fades within 8 hours of use, so if you are identical finical about not resorting to permanent markers, this line is not for you .

4. SpiderWire Stealth Braid—The Silent Killer for the Big Ones (Overall Rating: 87/100)

The attractive fluorocarbon microfiber used in SpiderWire offers all the persuasiveness you will always need when reeling in a big get. This quiet persuasiveness is, possibly, the independent sell steer of the SpiderWire Stealth Braid. Each argumentation joins 4- or 8- strands treated with proprietary fluoropolymer application and color lock engineering around a solid core, resulting in a slick, smooth, and mum line that doesn ’ t fade .

SpiderWire Stealth Braid

What we like:

Offers colors and patterns for every conceivable water condition
If you want your line to disappear, then SpiderWire, with its huge array of colors and patterns, is your best count. It comes in numerous color choices, which works in all water conditions you can possibly think of .
Has Dyneema’s unyielding rigidity and sensitivity, plus, it doesn’t dig
SpiderWire Stealth Braid is known to fill the reel spool evenly with imperativeness keeping the line from splitting hairs and digging unto itself. Because it makes use of Dyneema strands, the trace stays inflexible without affecting its sensitivity. Simply put, this telephone line offers no unfold plus the ability to feel flush the slightest nibble, all while resisting line dig .

Keep in mind:

Has too many instances of faulty production
If we ’ ra going by the number of complaints that SpiderWire receives, then the number of cons will be topped by the sheer phone number of defective spools that resulted from their product lines. It ’ second way besides many than what you ’ five hundred be comfortable to see, in truth .

5. KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line—The Affordable Power in Multicolor (Overall Rating: 84/100)

While some anglers credibly think that KastKing SuperPower braid is room excessively approximate for the conditions where they fish, others like us alone hold this brand in the highest regards. If anything, this braided line from KastKing not merely offers numerous options in terms of tinge. It besides packs a mean weave and proprietary-treated strands, leaving it with a dilutant and without the waxen palpate. Plus, it costs a distribute less than some of the lines mentioned above, so it ’ s a good option for your wallet if you ’ re on the hunt for one .

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

What we like:

Offers 4- and 8- tightly woven strands with KastKing proprietary treatment.
In addition to its broad align of colors, KastKing besides comes in 4- and 8-strand options. Each strand went through the proprietorship KastKing treatment, so it doesn ’ t leave that impressionable feel. The Dyneema strands are besides weave using a tight diamond design weave, which normally translates to more lines in each spool—a true prize for money if you truly think about it .
Available in four different colors
Having four different colors to choose from is not precisely a regretful theme. many anglers would agree that matching the braid to a specific fish environment is an indispensable feature when blend in to mark depths and virginia reel in an matter to catch .

Keep in mind:

Rough diamond weave
There have been claims that the proprietorship KastKing diamond weave is much besides rough when compared to other brands. It ’ s not entirely a bad thing as the strength it offers works good even in harsh conditions. But if you ’ re in for a smooth line, this credibly international relations and security network ’ t the best choice .

Choosing the Right Fishing Line-based with the PE Ratings as your Guide

Choosing the perfect line for your indigence may be confusing as hell, particularly when you start looking at all those numbers on the rods and the trace packaging itself .
To help you sort it all out, we listed some criteria to help you pick the fish line that will work well for you, of course, with the steering from the PE rate chart above .

Rod and reel system

Depending on the rod and reel frame-up you have, you can start working your way through the unlike spools of lines at your local anesthetic rigging workshop. Each rod and reel setup has specific line diameter requirements and breaking potency designations, sol knowing those would be your beginning gradation in picking the justly channel .

Target Species

Consider this : when you want to reel in a specific type of fish, you need a occupation to match. That said, you ’ five hundred want to consider a lineage with the PE rat and breaking military capability that will outlive the contend of whatever fish you are trying to catch. It ’ south best to be well-defined with this before you go shopping as fishing lines can be highly dearly-won, particularly if it ’ sulfur not put to good function .

Material Quality, breaking strength, and strand count

contemporary manufacturers have about perfected the march of making the perfect fish note. so, regardless whether you are a cutting goosefish or a modern hobbyist, you only have to choose a trade name with barely the right diameter, breaking strength, molding, grinding resistance, and colors that you ’ ll indigence to increase your chances of reeling in that baffling catch .

Carriers and Price

Whether you have a go-to post or not, PE or braided fish lines cost more than any other line type, so we can not avoid the price addition if we want to catch more fish. But, we can not stress enough how significant it is to buy the best that you can afford in terms of fish line. As a general rule, it ’ mho best to remember that you will constantly get the choice that you pay for in terms of fish lines .



It doesn ’ triiodothyronine strait like a serious consideration to the uninitiate, but it pays to know what character of water conditions you ’ ll be fishing in to decide on the line color and pattern to pick. That is if you wish to go inconspicuous submerged and spin in a big hitch. note that each color works well on certain water system types, so don ’ thyroxine go underestimating this sport .

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is no correlation between PE rating and breaking strength, why do they rate rods and lines with PE ratings?

Because there ’ s a deviation between yardsticks for different manufacturers, PE evaluation simplifies this with a cautious border on of sticking a zero behind each PE value for the standard breaking strain. There ’ south a possibility that both PE-rated gat and lines could bear a higher blackmail, but what PE fink provides is a benchmark on how many lines can go to a specific reel system. naturally, most top brands besides list a separate break filter for their lines, but it ’ s the initiation that will potentially end the guess game for a line cap for each stagger if the manufacturers catch on to this system all.

Why is there such a huge variance in PE rated line and tensile strength for different manufacturers?

Because each strand varies in thickness due to its respective factors, including fabrication discussion and process, lines can have a different lode capacity per section as a serve of distance. With PE ratings working on the diameter alone, fibers of different nature are rated based on their minimal diameter spectacles or weakest point, so the variation is absolutely normal. It identifies the lowest number of the lineage ’ s functional ductile persuasiveness .

The Last Cast

ideally, a visit to your local specialist tackle shop to compare diameters and the course texture is best. so, if you can visit your local fishing gear denounce, please do indeed .
however, if your local anesthetic undertake shop class is still temporarily closed, do not fret, as they most probable offer your fishing needs on their web site or social media platforms. Just don ’ thyroxine forget to do your research if you ’ re trying a new brand and working to bust a trophy pisces. But, if you silent can ’ thymine find any fortune through their websites, check out our recommendations above .

worry to plowshare your braid of option with us ? We ’ vitamin d love to hear about your favored braided fish line brands, so feel rid to share !

Please see a more comprehensive list of the most detailed and complete is Dennis Point Campground MD.

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