PCT 2022|Ep 12: Day 29 – Heading to Deep Creek Hot Springs | Summary of the most detailed relevant content [Keyword]

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Nice hike through the Deep Creek canyons. However, this area was intimidating to me with the soft sand trails that easily erode up to the steep inclines. It took a lot of courage to cross a few places 😬😅 Please note: camping is not allowed in the Hot Springs area where I camped, and I didn’t realize it at the time 🤦🏼 ‍♀️; because there were more than 25 people that night. Try to camp a mile before or after this area. There was a lot of human waste everywhere so it was a bit gross and unsanitary. Sorry, I missed the no camping rule. It is important that we protect these precious natural spaces and I certainly do not want to ignore the established rules. I will try to be more careful in the future.

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PCT 2022|Ep 12: Day 29 – Heading to Deep Creek Hot Springs

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PCT 2022|Ep 12: Day 29 – Heading to Deep Creek Hot Springs.

deep creek hot springs.

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21 thoughts on “PCT 2022|Ep 12: Day 29 – Heading to Deep Creek Hot Springs | Summary of the most detailed relevant content [Keyword]”

  1. I am loving following your journey. I love being out on trail and I'm also very slow for various physical and mental health reasons. I admire your determination and how you listen to your body. Cheering you on to Canada! I'm hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail this summer and your videos are inspiring and encouraging me. 💜

  2. Happy to hear you decided to hike your own pace. I often feel so rushed by other hikers around me or in my group. I always struggle with the balance between making my miles and slowing down to enjoy the journey. Glad to see you're finding your own groove:-) Love your videos…thanks for making the extra effort to share them!!

  3. Hi there. I have been following you for the past few years as you attempt the PCT. Very impressed with your preparation for this year and determination to eat healthy. So many struggle because they don't refuel their body properly. Also thought you'd enjoy this – I mistakenly watched your last video from 2021 where you had to stop because of your knee. I thought I was watching this year! I thought "oh no, not again how disappointing." Imagine my surprise when I came across your recent videos. So happy to see you still going. Took me a minute to figure out what I had done wrong. Anyway keep up the great work. Enjoying every minute.

  4. I agree with you about the endless ledge walking. When you get tired it’s hard to find a spot to take a break…you have to just keep on going!

  5. Yay! 300 miles. You rock! The deep creek hotsprings sound interesting. Glad the others were respectful of your sleep.

  6. There was a lot of California chia (an annual sage) blooming in this video. That was what the butterfly was on. This trans-montane chaparral on the north side of the Transverse Range is more arid than the cis-montane chaparral, that has a Mediterranean climate, on the south side.

  7. Memories–saw a 12" rattler where you were under the Deep Creek bridge and an adult (rattler that is) above the hot springs. You're almost persuading me about cold soaking…camping at backcountry hot springs anywhere is not a good idea LOL. Thanks for taking us along on the journey. GK

  8. I am enjoying your videos! Appreciate your honest descriptions of the trail. I like your attitude of truly enjoying what’s around you rather than just pushing mileage. Hike on and enjoy!

  9. Relaxing morning. Love how you see the trail. I'd probably have trouble with ridge walking too. I hope you enjoyed your time at Deep Creek. Rest those feet. Keep trekking. 😀

  10. You're doing great!
    If you keep experiencing pain on the top of your foot, you might try experimenting with tying your laces differently. There are quite a few youtube videos detailing different methods that might relieve some of the pressure. Best of luck!

  11. 300 + miles! Well done! Your videos are great ,and so calming. Be safe. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Looking forward to your next one. 🤗

  12. I was yelling at the screen…..'stay at the nice spot you found before the hot springs'!!!!!!!

  13. How are your knees doing?
    Are you taking any supplements for them?
    Have fun out there and enjoy the beauty the PCT is.

  14. I thought there was no camping allowed within a mile of the hot springs. I plan on camping a mile before and going in for pre-dawn patrol


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