jewelry brand Pattaraphan is known for being beloved by the Hadid sisters, which is always a good begin point for a newly venture. But more than that, the sword represents couturier Nok Pattaraphan and her Thai inheritance. After launching in 2018 with a imagination of articulating her experiences through jewelry and employing local artisans, Pattaraphan never expected to have a cult fan base only two years in. The Bangkok-based interior designer finds divine guidance in the exploration of the “ dominate. ” Her debut collection, worn by Gigi Hadid in her Establishment NY Polaroids, was born out of the anxiety of survive in an overcrowd city, perceived from an esoteric point of view, angstrom well as the abundance of consumption in the form of actual discarded pop tab key littering cities. In other words, Pattaraphan seeks to explore the smasher in ordinary objects. Launching merely one fully collection a year and two capsules around Valentine ‘s Day and the holidays, each bears a meaningful connection to the designer. Pattaraphan produces collections locally and in little batches in an effort to minimize overproduction and limit the sum of resources used. For a new locket collection, the interior designer is donating 10 percentage of all sales to Baan Dek Foundation to help Thailand ‘s children in need, a charitable induce close to the graphic designer ‘s heart. Below, the couturier dishes on her inspirations, sex fluidity in purpose, sustainability, and her hometown.

You created such an inclusive contemporary brand, thanks to your approach to gender-fluid and timeless pieces. What inspires you?

At the identical beginning, I thought alone a modest group of people would understand and buy my work. now, I have people who I did n’t think would care about my employment as loyal clients. It ‘s been a felicitous surprise, and I ‘m divine to create jewelry that is thoughtful and relevant for more characters and styles. My doctrine towards jewelry is that it should feel good on the peel and count best when wear. So it ‘s truly the people who wear the jewelry that permit my designs to come to life. It ‘s rewarding to translate personal stories into pieces that others can appreciate and want to wear, and this results in designs that resonate with a wide-eyed hearing .gigiGigi Hadid in a necklace and earrings

How has your background shaped your creative vision?

My Thai inheritance is at the core of Pattaraphan, but it is represented in my own perspectives. Thailand is a state in which the erstwhile exists with the new. here, you find super-trendy malls and skyscrapers next to temples and traditional houses. And this, in a manner, is a physical manifestation of how I experience and interact with my culture. For me, there is constantly a rebellious side that is very experimental and pushing social boundaries. yet, a softer side distillery exists—the need to respect and pay court to the honest-to-god traditions and values. This coexistence of the two opposites in my biography is important to my creative processes and concepts. so, in my wildest creations, there will constantly be a nod to my background .

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What about designing jewelry appeals to you?

jewelry is a desegregate of versatile things—chemistry, physics, artwork, plan, et cetera. There are rules and methods, but some things truly do n’t need preciseness to work. So I find the process in truth scheme and fun. What ‘s more, because jewelry is a wearable sculpt, I will always approach my work as a work of art. It needs reasons, sentiments, and personal stories. Thinking about it now, wearing a Pattaraphan jewelry is basically wearing a narrative or a spirit from my liveliness. And on top of this, jewelry normally makes people felicitous. It has unlike layers of emotional attachments, and I love figuring out its interaction on the human body. overall, the intricate complexity of jewelry—from the history to the cause to when people receive and wear it—will always fascinate me .bella hadid pattarphanBella Hadid in Pattaraphan from Instagram Stories

Why is it important to you to have everything locally made? Can you tell us how you source materials?

I grew up superintendent close with my grandmothers and an aunt who helped raise me. And they instilled this love and admiration towards Thai arts, traditions, and art. Going binding to the duality that exists in my life and solve, it was very natural to look to my roots when I started producing my modern minimal designs. Besides this, it ‘s very important to me to support local artisans and residential district whenever I can. With Thai craft epitomizing the quality I look for for my jewelry production, it was an easy decision to produce locally. choice, to me, is constantly about province arsenic well. Basing my production in Thailand means I ‘m identical hands on towards quality control condition and material source. We use high-quality greatest silver, brass section, and gold. For gemstones, we focus on using deadstock materials. We ‘re not where we want to be since it ‘s unmanageable to find sustainable options here in Thailand. Sustainability is a concept that a lot of people—manufacturers, clients, et cetera—are still trying to understand, but I think we have come very far since I started my post three years ago. now, there are more alternatives, so I ‘m excite to keep challenging myself to find better ways to source materials .

What would you say is your notable style?

I ‘d say my celebrated vogue is edgy minimalism. I like simplicity and details .


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Soda tabs seem to be a recurrent element throughout your work. Why are they so special to you?

I started using that form in my first base collection, called pressure, because it very represents waste. Although my collections grew and explored early topics, I think stress and anxiety are a ceaseless company for me, and possibly other people in this day and age. Because these are still a perennial subject in my life sentence, the form remains a perennial theme in my oeuvre. Using the silhouette, I have the baron to reinterpret it and, in some ways, feel like I have more authority towards my feelings. Although people think it ‘s an edgy take on the subject, it came from more of a offer place where I ‘m reconciling with what the sodium carbonate yellow journalism represent—urban anxiety .

Has your creative process shifted since COVID?

not very, because fortunately, Thailand is not identical much affected in terms of COVID-19 cases. I still can make multiple factory visits per workweek to develop designs, and fingers crossed things keep improving ! In a way, the pandemic besides has helped me focus more since you ‘re more or less forced to stay at home ampere much as possible. It ‘s been a reflective fourth dimension .pattaraphanPattaraphan earrings


pattaraphanPattaraphan ring


Where do you see the brand going in the future?

I decidedly would like to be in more retailers, in more regions, but I ‘m happy to slowly build this. I ‘m a couturier first, and so it ‘s a summons to learn to grow the stigmatize sustainably. Besides expanding the jewelry course, I see Pattaraphan as more of a life style brand, and I want to explore other areas that I ‘m matter to in. I would love to have a cafe, exhibition space, or a boutique hotel so people can visit and have another dimension to their have with the trade name. Jewelry is n’t something you buy every day, so it would be nice to be depart of our clients ‘ lives in other ways. But besides, I love coffee ! This might be an apologize to drink coffee bean every day. Jokes aside, whatever I do, I want to be as conscious and passionate about it as possible. Since my early interests involve coffee bean and travel, a cafe seems like a more practical option than a hotel. particularly when the north of Thailand is known for coffee. I want to learn more about it and integrate that as a first step towards making Pattaraphan a sustainable life style brand .
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