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Parker Ranch on the Big Island of Hawaii is the largest ranch in Hawaii and one of the largest ranches in the United States, spanning thousands of acres. Known as the home of the modern Hawaiian cowboy, the Paniolo, the Parker Ranch continues that tradition today as a working cattle ranch with interesting diversification. Started by John Parker in the early 19th century and continued by his family and eventually Richard Smart, the history of Parker Ranch is rich in history, personality and drama.

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Parker Ranch
Parker Ranch

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  1. John Palmer Parker is my great great great grandfather.He married King Kamehameha’s great granddaughter Rachel Keliikipikaneokolohaka.They had three children Mary Ann Kaulalani Parker,John Palmer Parker II and Ebenezer Parker.Mary Ann Kaulalani Parker married twice.First husband was a Moses Brown Fuller.And they had one child a daughter.Martha Kekapakalani Fuller. She married John Somes Low.Mary Ann Kaulalani Parker divorces Low and marries Kameeiamoku Waipa together they have nine children.Their third child was Anna Parker Waipa and she marries William Purdy. ( this is where I come from)and Mary Ann Kaulalani and Kameeiamoku Waipa their seventh child was Robert Parker Waipa and he was my great grandfather.So Anna and Robert are brother and sister.This is my connection.

  2. Ok but how about the history of the mexican vaqueros who were intramental in building the parker ranch what happend to them did they stay or did they leave is there mexican desendents still on the ranch.

  3. Fantastic video, well done! But I wish that the pilgrim Anthony had taken time to learn how to pronunce Hawaiian names and words. I find it offensive! Who in hell is Kah May Ah May Ah? and what in hell is an edict Cap Poo sounds like cat poo. Otherwise the video is very good.
    Who in hell is junkenpo?

    junkenpo is Boogie Lindsey


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