Upon arrival at the Andacura Beachfront we were told they did not have our book and were subsequently made to feel very uncomfortable by the reception staff. After providing them with our booking ratification from our travel operator we were then asked to arrange for our change of location operator to call the hotel to discuss our book. It was our change of location operator that then informed us that the hotel had not acknowledged our engagement and was in fact now in full booked on the 2nd night of our 4 night bide and we would have to relocate to their sister hotel for that night. This is not what you expect upon arrival and left us feeling quite upset and distressed. By the following dawn we ‘d had no communication from the hotel as to when we were expected to leave our board and go to the sister hotel and it took two visits to reception before we were finally told that we did n’t need to leave and they were in fact relocating some other poor guests. Our departure was no better if not worse. We had a pre booked transfer to the airport arranged and when a cab driver turned up, the reception staff were insistent that this was our cab and usher us into it however the driver had different names on his records to ours. The reception staff even said to us they had called the taxi operator and confirmed this was our driver. Something ust did n’t feel right at this point but I trusted that what the reception staff said was true. After all they see guests leave in cab all the clock properly ? once in the taxi the driver then proceeded to take a photograph of us to ‘check we were the right people ‘ ? ! We immediately got out of the car ( I did not feel safe at this point ) and during the whirl another taxi turned up which was in fact for us ! Which begs the question as to why did the reception staff lie to us ? At this point I was so glad I was leaving this hotel which was a deplorable goal to what was an amazing few weeks travelling about Thailand. The hotel and actual stay was pleasant enough but when you experience the issues we did with the reception staff it actually does cause a fortune of unnecessary distress which is not what you want on vacation ! If you expect beneficial customer avail then save yourself the disappointment and do not go to this hotel !