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All designers know that the approaching New Year marks the time of Pantone ’ s color of the year announcement. The media would report about it and we find ourselves anticipating Pantone ’ s annual revelation. But what about Thailand ’ s invention diligence ? What are our colors of the year ? This critical question is both the key and the begin of the TOA COLOR DECODING TRENDS 2021, the project where Thailand ’ s advanced key trade name works together with the state ’ s outstanding and energetic architects and designers.

Amata Luphaiboon ( Department of ARCHITECTURE Co. ), Phongphat Ueasangkhomset and Parnduangjai Roojnawate ( ANONYM ), Chana Sumpalung ( A49 ), Jeravej Hongsakul ( IDIN Architects ), Jun Sekino ( Junsekino Architect and Design ), Kijtanes Kajornrattanadech ( Tastespace. carbon monoxide ), Manatspong Sanguanwuthirojana ( Hypothesis ), Ponwit Ratanatanatevilai, Harisadhi Leelayuwapan, Thanawat Patchimasiri ( PHTAA LIVING DESIGN ), Varudh Varavarn ( VIN VARAVARN ARCHITECTS LTD. ) and Vasu Virajsilp ( VaSLab Architecture ) are the 10 studios invited to collaborate with TOA to find Thailand ’ mho 2021 Color Trends. The list is impressive for two chief reasons. first, the 10 studios possess unique design identities for their specific function of colors in their computer architecture and design. The next reason is the diverseness of their projects. By bringing together these 10 Studios, we see an incredibly diverse range of architects and designers whose works and expertness embrace practically all types of projects, from small ( but highly detailed ) residential and restaurant design to retail spaces and public buildings such as a libraries, shopping malls, learning centers all the manner to a large national convention center .

The project ’ s ‘ breadth ’ made possible by the creative contributions from this talented group of architects and designers has finally given give birth to TOA ’ sulfur 2021 color trends. But before we get into the ten raw shades, the impressive serve from which the project is made is besides deserving the mention .
To attain an exciting series of colors, the project ’ s development was undertaken, not through a simple motion of ‘ what are your darling colors ? ” but by giving each studio the job of creating their own mood boards. such openness allowed us to see the inspirations behind each studio ’ sulfur function of colors, including the color schemes that define their design accents .

Amata Luphaiboon ’ s mood control panel is made up of scenes from his favorite movies. “ Sometimes inspiration for my architecture comes from things that aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate relevant to Architecture, ” he mentioned in the catalog. Representing Tastespace Co., Kijtanes ’ mood control panel comprised of respective food ingredients, reflecting the studio ’ south expertness in restaurant design. The new generation studio apartment, PHTAA Living Design, included 18 different images, possibly due to the studio ’ s three partners, which turned the temper board into their pool of personal interests. For those who are interest, can download the catalog here.

Flipping through the climate boards created by the 10 architecture studios, we saw sealed common elements in their ideas, from the connection between materials and colors, the varying effects on substantial surfaces at unlike times of day, the emotions that arises from one ’ randomness interactions with colors and textures, and the connection between each architect ’ second personal interests and their invention. One of the concern sections of the catalog is the interview section with the architects of the 10 studios ( this issue is basically a cartridge holder at the point ), particularly the session between TOA and Chana Sumpalung, ASA ’ s president of the united states and one of the executives of A49. Chana ’ s see on Bangkok ’ s changing colors during the Tom Yum Goong crisis ( 1997 ) when architects heavily used grey/ black for building exterior, creating as a leave, the urban landscape that starkly contrasts Bangkok ’ s bright blue flip. “ I guess there are many possible reasons behind the changing color code, and grey is one of the most democratic colors buildings present because it blends well with the surrounding environment while offering a fashionable appearance. We can see grey being used with many condominium buildings in Bangkok. ”

Hundreds of shades from the mood boards are the key ingredients of the 10 new colors of the 2021 living distance. Experts from TOA decode the colors and categorize them into the discolor flows that show the discolor trends related to the attitudes, tastes and context of 2021 ’ s living space. The five vogue scopes range from ‘ Psychology, ’ representing the impacts of colors on human emotions, ‘ Culture & Lifestyle, ’ the art-inspired drift oscilloscope, ‘ Experience, ’ the discolor swerve that takes inspiration from locomotion experiences. ‘ Element Design ’ derives from natural and synthetic materials, while ‘ Science ’ refers to newfangled colors created from scientific experiments .

The process that searches for the 2021 discolor trends results in two color palettes, MUTED and CHROMA. While wholly rendering different feelings, MUTED consists of simpleton colors that are fundamental to design and can be mixed with other colors to create a calm and calm temper. Some of the colors in the MUTED palette are TOA 21001 Spectacular White with the white that serves as a large canvas tent for all shades of colors, generating the paint surface that changes through meter and varying light temperatures, whereas TOA 21002, The Beginning, offers the cream spirit that makes the dawn fall heater and more appeal. TOA 21005 Back Into Space ’ s darkness tone comes with a low brooding pace, bringing the passive motionlessness to outer space a well as keeping one ’ mho focus on the undertaking at hand .

CHROMA proposes the opposition effects with colored, lively shades. The TOA team told art4d how the swerve is partially inspired by humans ’ hanker for the external populace. What ’ s particularly noteworthy about CHROMA is that they are COVID-19-inspired shades resulting from months of being under lockdown. The blue of TOA 21008 Optimistic Blue, TOA 21009 Power of Soul and TOA 21010 Dramatic Green are derived from the colors of nature, afforest and skies and can be found in many of the mood boards. The orange tone of TOA 21007 Waken Heart reminds us of the sunset sky, implying the architects ’ desires to be come out of the closet and embraced by nature when working on their mood boards.

There are many other colors that we have not mentioned in this article. In the year 2021, when COVID-19 still hasn ’ t parted its direction, we believe that the ten new color shades from TOA COLOR DECODING TRENDS 2021 will be a fresh option for our know space during this bizarre distributor point in time when people are being forced to stay at home. Reading about these backstories, we can better appreciate the colors included in the tinge trends, simultaneously making color pairings more fun than ever .

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