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Known as Bai Toey Hom in Thailand, Daun Pandan in Malaysia, and Takonoki in Japan, the pandan has been prized throughout much of East Asia for centuries. In this country, bright green leaves are now considered a major food trend. We reveal everything you need to know about the new superfood.

Delicious trendy food: this is the taste of pandan

Many culinary trends attract attention with their subtle aroma. Pandan, however, scores with an intense flavor. The inconspicuous sword-shaped pandan leaves surprise with a soft vanilla aroma with a fine nutty note. Hence the alternative name of the plant: East Asian vanilla.

Good to know: In this country, pandan is mainly available as frozen leaves or as bright green pandan extract or pandan paste.

Pandan Superfood: Health Claims

Pandan is considered the next super food. But what is in the green leaves? In fact, traditional Thai medicine attests to the many healing properties of the plant. Pandan tea is said to help relieve headaches and low blood pressure, as well as having an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect. Massaged into the scalp, the liquid is believed to clear dandruff and prevent hair breakage and hair loss. But: Unfortunately, these effects have not yet been sufficiently documented in this country.

Pandan in the kitchen: how to cook and bake with the gastronomic trend

Superfood or not: Pandan is a versatile culinary dish that you won’t soon be able to do without. Finally, East Asian vanilla enhances both sweet and savory dishes.

The pandanus plant is never used in dishes except for flavoring. This means: the whole leaves are never eaten, but only added briefly during cooking. For example: put a whole leaf in a pot of boiling rice. This gives it a delicate nutty sweetness. Also delicious: Pieces of fish and meat cooked or steamed in whole pandan leaves.

The vanilla flavor is also perfect for desserts of all kinds. Pandan paste is still used here. By the way, pancakes, waffles or cookies with this flavor not only taste delicious, but also suddenly turn frog-green in color. So your green pandan cake is sure to turn heads at the next party.

Tip: You can also sweeten your start of the day with pandan paste. Refine your morning porridge or superfood berry smoothie with exotic vanilla!

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